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Its too risky to bet on spurs nowadays bcs they didnt really scored much last 5 games
Talent>Hard work
Yiu are all wrong If you have talent but dont put into much hours you'll still be good If you hard work but dont have talent, you cant get good as a guy with talent If you want to be pr, at least yo...
Greatest leader in human history?
Attaturk ofc
Ever pick up girls?
+1 youre right. If i just want to have sex, just go to prostitute and bang em all, but i wouldnt bcs its a different feel
Ever pick up girls?
I dont think it waste my time. I enjoy every time i talk to girl especially my ex
Ever pick up girls?
The thing is i afraid of getting rejected bcs i got rejected several times lol
Ever pick up girls?
Lol girl like man who's gentle. Imagine you are a woman and a guy came to you. If i was a girl i'd give him my number since he act alpha
Ever pick up girls?
So hows she goin now? Is she ur gf now?
Ever pick up girls?
Lol why creepy? Tinder is not a good place for getting girl bcs most of em are hoes and doesnt have commit with relationship
Ever pick up girls?
I tried several times,wasnt really good. I tried to use pick up lines in the beginning but it doesnt really well. Now i want to do this again but idk how to start and scared to get rejected again (?)
Football boring?
Yeah i hate everytime they take timeout but its interesting to see at least because its pretty fast pace games
Football boring?
I enjoy watching sport but if there is football or basketball, i'd pick basketball even if there is badminton ill still pick badminton Idk why myb is it just me?
Football boring?
Lol why would i break
VISA problem
okay you are baiting now 0/8
VISA problem
Rn i wanna go to australia but the visa is expensive af. My visa approximately nearly half of my flight price It doesnt worth tho considering i have to pay that much price to get visa while im a stud...