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Underrated and Overrated players
Underrated and Overrated players
because he's a baiter. anyone could become good in star baiter role. see how coldzera was good in 2k16-17? bcs he was their star baiter player but now he's just decent
Aleksib not satisfied until they win
LUL 200IQ comment
2022 vaccine
I'm not that afraid of corona and i will be the first buyer if the vaccine is ready. My point is those guys that believe in some conspiracy shit that believe in covid vaccine has chip or sth like that...
2022 vaccine
i think ppl are too afraid to take the vaccine bcs they are listening to those conspiracy theorist that makes zero sense
12 hours a day on cs
but its pointless if he cant make money from it even if he got lvl 10
valve matchmaking
My friend had those 10 dollars cheat and play in MM and never got banned. VAC is just suck also MM is cancer. I'm supreme btw
F1 in Portugal
remove mercedes and portimao would be fun.
Hamilton 92 Wins
I mean f1 is boring nowadays even motogp is just better to watch at least
ghost story/supernatural story
I live in my house. All of my family went holiday and im alone. Not scary at all at first but then i heard the 2nd footsteps and it was quite loud. I checked to 2nd floor and nothing to be found :(
ghost story/supernatural story
One day i was alone in home and i heard loud footsteps from above floor
Is Vitality a french superteam?
France > german all day all time
hltv psychological support center
it hurts man
hltv psychological support center
ive cheated by 2 girls ngl. maybe i was too good for 'em thats why they were cheating