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Oskar is cheating 100%
came from nowhere nice bait
black people come in
black people in a nutshell
Pistols Need to be Nerfed
if p250 is so strong why are people buying m4's and ak's at all?
Play2Live Grand Final
dont visit this website btw, they are mining shitcoins on your cpu lul.
GPU prices !????????????????
You have no idea what this technology will do for us in the future, it's going to be insane.
yeah esports is doing fine but no new bloom and shitty frostivus
GPU prices !????????????????
"nothing" the technology these coins invent is ground breaking you retard
They are currently negletting dotes though, there should've been 2 events in the last 6 months and they did nothing. w/e artifact coming up in some months anyway
CS:GO is dead
shox busted
Implying pros in other sports have a normal job they can go back to? Yet cheating is rampant in those sports.
shox busted
How do you explain Shox accusing Flusha of cheating in 2014 and 2 years later he has the same clips?
shox busted
Also you should probably not insult random people on the internet, you never know who's behind the screen ;)
shox busted
Glaive: If people write it to me I will be happy to show them how I can win ESWC through Smokes and fully blind + know where the opponents are outside you can see it on my screen. I'm not saying eve...
shox busted
Major winner Gla1ve talking about attax cheating on lan in css 2012 and how he would shoot ppl though smokes if he had cheats. "LANhack ftw. If they win more I'll bust them, just wait :). Would bet t...
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