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I r8 your sneakers
Love the white pair, black is meh for the 97 undefeated. You get for retail?
I r8 your sneakers
GR Air Max 1s Ronnie Fieg x Adidas Ultra Boost Mid 'Aspens' Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 998s 'City Never Sleeps' Adidas Ultra boosts in 'Cream Chalk', 'Mystery Grey', 'Reigning Champ 1.0' Yeezy v2 Oreos...
r8 insta whore
LMAO plastic/10
300$ish phone
Could have used it for that long if I wanted to be attached to the charger all day.
300$ish phone
Mi A1 imo, stock android and I have heard good stuff about it on android sub.
300$ish phone
Definitely dont get the s6, I had it and dumped it before a year. It was pretty bad, the battery life is really terrible like 2 and a half hours of SoT. I would go with Xiaomi or maybe Huawei if I was...
iPhone X?
If they would have thrown a fingerprint scanner on the back, it wouldnt be so bad
G fuel trash
Don't think you are missing out on anything tbh
America and Work
Keep plugging away my man! If you work towards something hard enough, you will be rewarded in the end. Dont worry, if you keep producing quality work, the cash will come eventually.
America and Work
Good for you man, keep up with that job you love. Always follow your heart, never the greed.
-GuardiaN +Draken
ooooooh, i'd like to see this
America and Work
Too many people keep up with the Joneses or try to impress people with cars and such. Well those both can sorta go together. But also Americans are dumb as shit with their money, saw some stat saying ...
Good music please
Hardcore is faster and more aggressive than rock. As for metal, does not have the long riffs etc.