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Western Titans vs Eastern Giants
Somedieyoung western Titan?
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
A subtle detail here. 10 years ago Navi and Fnatic met in the final of Intel Extreme Master Shanghai as well. Among the players, f0rest and GTR are still competing at T1 level. Edward and Zeus are sti...
Wtf is twistzz doing
you must have very low self-esteem to see things this way.
15 cm dick small or normal?
I'm speechless.
recap: pushed through the smoke, got a trade, made a 4v2. The rest of the team was rotating from A site. so far so good. Then Snax heard a player at Dark. Instead of falling back to church and play a ...
2v2 post plant= T advantage 2v3 post plant = CT slight advantage 2v4 post plant = CT advantage it's not easy to win a 2v3 with all the Ts in proper post plant positions.
yeah, his crosshair placement was solely on the player at dark. That's why I said it was a throw. If he had to make that push by himself, which was absolutely unnecessary, at least bait out shots from...
exactly. I was a bit shocked because Snax is known to make smart plays.
niko was standing at an off angle. Snax could easily fell back after he got the trade. He heard the last player was in the corner, but he didn't know where the second player was. I could see that he's...
Top 8 major
agreed. why is mibr still in top 10?
serious FaZe fix
-karrigan +Pimp
To men 6 foot or taller
are you considered tall in Sweden?
To men 6 foot or taller
aren't swedish people all 190+?
TYLOO vs Renegades
Well, he probably is a fan of DSN in 1.6.