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Cloud9 vs fnatic
who finds this annoying? minor was so much better produced.
haha yep, or alternative: do every shit you can to boost it and get rid of estrogen. heavy lifts. butter. solved.
Allu disrespectful!
lol you are like retarded reporter, taking that shit out of contest. of course you random talk any shit sometimes to boost your team. that is just idiotic, wake the fuck up.
fapping to a 40yo
she is a machine. you don't understand that until you try. and btw, she knows life, a keeper.
Whiskey suggestion
if you wan't cheap but good go for example with smoky goat, if you can afford more, try Aberlour. if you are really into whisky, join a whiskyclub. im in many, you can star with flaviar for example. ...
Do you think women should have important jobs?
you put it harsh but you have a point. medical helicopter crew carrying a patient with 2 men but if woman is there, she still needs two men with her.
work week is like that BUT IT IS DAMN GOOD TO DRINK THE FUCK UP ON FRIDAY AND TALK NONSENSE ALL WEEKEND TO EVERYONE WHO DRUNK TOO. and then on monday back to daily grind.
stop globalism?
when water rises, people are forced to move and that massmovement will come to every country and it will eventually bring down any goverments and bring back the law of the jungle.
Man hits her PREGNANT wife while on stream
bitchslapping abusive wife while paying the bills.
Finnish asians
except we evolved, got huge dicks.
I felt in love. Help Guys.
2 victory royales today
did you like unreal tournament 2003 instagib?
HellRaisers vs Astralis
that one dude looked like young El-hefe xD
Car licence exam
clutch problems, sorry girl.
Car licence exam
i had a freeday from work for motorcycle license. so i went to a bar, slept 2 hours, pulled car to a sidewalk and puked several times. got the license and drove to get sum moar refresments.