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Fanobet ?
RCTIC vs Epiphany Bolt
are u [BOLD]mad[/BOLD] bro ?!
Csgolounge scammed me
that sound like to me : murican sue because his got burned by coffee. No label said its was hot coffee
KQLY unban
give cancer. Cheats existed way before halflife 1 so this guyz didnt give cancer to a community. He is skilled. What he choose to do with his skills that another story. Your right no hacker have be...
ex IBP
bullshit. League will follow volvo decision. And even if they are unbanned from league. Valve host the majors. That where the money is. Since they cant play majors ( chances they will unbanned fro...
KQLY unban
Gang of morons. If supex0 is really the coder of that cheats. You should give him props. That guy know code better that valve. He should be hired. Not pissed on. Stupid youngster
18°C in Poland
9 degree celsius will be the max today. on the 24 we are suppose to reach 14-16... I live in montreal, quebec, canada. We usually have a shit tons of snow... ITS FUCKING CANADA and its green everywher...
Splyce vs SteamAnalyst
ill rephrase. He commited to a game yesterday and today !
Splyce vs SteamAnalyst
summit did say on stream yesterday that he commited to 2 games. So i guess. Ez fur summit !
best food in your country
+999 U havent live if u didnt try a poutine !
Lounge / fanobet
yes fanobet is back. fanobet(dot)com/r/br0c
fanobet ref link
1$ / kills on CSGO !!!
all i see is 2 vac bans on records !
question about PC case[need help]
No problem ! Glad i could help on HLTV ! LOL
question about PC case[need help]
motherboard gigabyte 78LMT-S2 Form Factor Micro ATX Form Factor; 24.4cm x 18.8cm