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Olof rude af
Strange. This happened to me too, just yesterday.
dennis + cajunb
no /close
Atheist vs Believer
as I said. as far as you are religious, what you say doesnt bother me. brainwashed mind is a brainwashed mind, and im not interested in getting my mind brainwashed too.
VeryXGuy list - *6
Atheist vs Believer
dude, as far as you are religious, your opinion means nothing to me since you were brainwashed by your parents that were brainwashed by their parents and so on and on
79 official VeryXGuys
I think it would ruin the purpose of my nickname :/ as much as i would love to be on the list, i cant
79 official VeryXGuys
and me?
Old Accounts ?????????????????????????????????????????????
fuck what if im your acc too
Old Accounts ?????????????????????????????????????????????
im just laughing at this "coincidence" that someone named damnwhore was on this thread while you from your 185161715th acc "raingodtop1" said damn whore tldr damnwhore your acc too
Old Accounts ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Faze = SK ?
thats why they made 2 more finals and have only 2 less 1st places? kk xd both teams are equally good but faze is more consistent, means they r better
Faze = SK ?
faze did more finals and there is not a huge difference between 1st places. FaZe is deffinitely more consistant, FaZe > SK
NiP and fnatic
-hampus +dennis/rez/olof
NiP and fnatic
yeah, so lets play without igl cuz xizt is bit worse in fragging :DDD holy fuck, and you saying im a baiter not gonna talk about jw and draken cuz u clearly never seen any of them play, there is no ...
NiP and fnatic
why would you put jw over draken. draken is way more consistent. + draken has the same movement as jw, if not better. jw dies too much cuz he risks too much, mostly fnatic playing 4v5 cuz of him. and...