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Born in Bulgaria, living in USA.

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Choose a country to live
Scotland, Australia, Denmark, Germany for studying :)
Choose a country to live
Absolutely agree with you, but nowadays we are part of a game and we need a good job for more money :) In my own country you cannot survive with a normal job.
Choose a country to live
Why all the Scandinavian people want to go to Canada?
Choose a country to live
Recently I've read that New Zealand employers prefer international people to work with because it's citizens are lazy and most of them take drugs. People from New Zealand, please do not get offended ...
Choose a country to live
From: Bulgaria Current: USA Dream: Norway, Finland, Sweden A lot of people here have mentioned that they would not leave their country just because it feels unmoral. Well, what if all your closes...
Belgium vs Turkey
please stop XANTARES.. haha
MK vs g3x
NO idea how the heck, g3x beat them the 1st time.. Just crushed.. good luck guys
Because his account was hacked and the proofs were on the line before. Would you haters please stop open this topic again?
MK vs X
Mighty Kamen :)
1.6 NEO
CS:GO is more of a team play game already rather than CS 1.6 so I doubt you would see the old Neo
One of the best countries I've ever been. Unfortunately it is going to be destroyed by the Arabic immigrants. Back in 2015 I've had a chance to speak to a very well educated Swedish man and he said...
i hate my country(turkey) i hate religion
If you would like to live in peace, you should consider going to some of the Scandinavian countries :)
MK vs Space Soldiers
Open your mind boy.. Говорил ли си някога с истинс&#1...
Orbit vs Gambit
Well... Where are the people who are said last game between these two teams, Gambit had not played because the game wasn't important? That game was not important as well, was it? Good luck, Orbit
Bpro vs WinFiction
Nice to see players with who you used to play hehe ;0 good luck to both teams