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Say nice about country
lmao n1!
Gaming Chairs (Need help!)
you are a troll, that chair is not can fool the 10 year old kids but not me, I'm 11
hottest girl in Olympia 2016?
very pretty face but fuck that body, like a fucking 5 year old boy
Why do you drink beer??
do you think this is true? I been lifting and making good progress but in summer I am out sometimes twice a week drinking beers and smoking...I feel like it ruin gains
Lost friend 1 year ago...
why mods keep deleting my msgs?
Rival 100 crap, don't buy
steelseries are shit
hltv memes
fuck off with nice b8 m8 r8 8/8 that is some faggot reddit shit, thats why volvo put r8 8/8 in the game, coz they're faggots who read reddit all day and thought "THEHEEH SO FUNNY MEME"
mOE trolls DaZeD
sounds so weak
MAD UK "semi-pro" on retake
rofl I know this spastic idiot, he goes around calling people "nigger" and is worst player I've played against just big mouth bullied ginger UK kid
Zowie EC1A
ty I will buy this one, very good price!
Zowie EC1A
no, I been trying to find it and the prices are OP as fuck too like 80-90 euro for fucking benQ one, what site did you buy?
Zowie EC1A
sorry can you answer question
Zowie EC1A
where did you buy it from? it's so hard to find zowie mice now...fucking benQ rekt them all
LGB Stickers Katowice 2015
do you think that csgo will die soon, even my fire serpent not worth a shit now I should have sold for the shit and now OP will close next and then I am even more rekt