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10$ to buy a pick'em pass...
Lmao , you are right , even the players from these tiny orgs will make some cash after this sticker marketing...
winner of the major (iem katowice 2019)
Faze , i dont think they will but they have a chance , so i hope.
Steel Roasting COLDZERA
Yeah , but the point was that he said coldzera not tarik , meaning that cold is usually baiting...
Steel Roasting COLDZERA
why would i care about major mvp ? cold is a baiter , olof is not and thats it. olof has proven times and times against coldzera how he won matches by himself ; https://www.hltv.org/matches/2299503/f...
Steel Roasting COLDZERA
and btw , olof is not in his prime anymore i agree , but do you want me to remember you how many times olof rekt coldzera at big events in his fnatic times ?
Steel Roasting COLDZERA
nice answer
Steel Roasting COLDZERA
So ? He said its just an observation about his play style. What if s1mple , olof , get right , forest said that ? You would trash talk them as well ?
Climate Change
you mean few million years right ?
fallen vs guardian vs kennyS
Couldn't said it better , a big +1. I really can't decide between those 3. They are all insane. They trully are the best awpers of all time.
Hmm , fast and furious i think its the greatest series , it should have ended at 7 imo but still great. I liked jurassic park triology as well.
800 dpi 1.30 sens
I have 1000dpi with 0.8 sens , is it the same?
AWP OP as fuck
What do you think about olof , is he abusing?
800 dpi 1.30 sens
1000dpi with 0.8 sens. It's the same as having 400dpi with 2 sens.
This top is wrong , guardian and twistz were better...
coldzera is still GOAT.
But nobody call device and s1mple baiters. And people seem serious to me when they call coldzera baitzera. Baitzera became a meme even on twith chat....