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CR7 or Messi?
why ? sure he was better freekicker and dribbler in his man utd days , but nowhere near messi. And btw his prime was in real madrid and we should talk about their whole carrers not only before 2009. S...
CR7 or Messi?
thats true also , who knows , maybe he will surpass cr7 , maybe not , im talking sepcifically about this and last season.
CR7 or Messi?
Messi no doubt. Also big players and coaches also said messi. Just like guardiola said messi is nr 10 , nr 9 , 8 ,7 , 6 , 5 , etc. Messi is everything. But respect for ronaldo also ,he is a true lead...
CR7 or Messi?
Im born before 2009 and i disagree. I respect Cr7 but messi is better in every aspect passes , dribblings , freekicks. How is cr7 the most complete footballer? Maybe just MAYBE you could say Cr7 is th...
CR7 or Messi?
All time champions league scorer is up to debate , messi has less games and is 2 years younger , he will soon surpass CR7 in champions league for sure.
it is still a gtx 1050 ti a good option???
I have it with i5 3470. I play on 1024x768 and sometimes 1280×960 and i have around 150-250 fps average depends on map. You should buy atleast an gtx 1650/1660 super for 2020.
Wait for the new 10400f
also pistol rounds have so much impact on the game.
Your FPS benchmark results
around 240-250 gtx 1050ti i5 3470 8gigs ram ddr3 1600mhz
Broky or coldzera?
all of these and but u forget how many easy shots he wiffed and lost faze crucial rounds , thats the difference between him and cold. Cold is just better under pressure.
Broky or coldzera?
exactly ,you know the moments when a certain player dont get alteast 2k-3kills from a position their team will lose the round? Those are the rounds that i will anytime pick coldzera instead of Niko/ra...
Broky or coldzera?
then you dont know shit about this game. only stats matter to you
Broky or coldzera?
Yeah , maybe watch the games instead of only looking at stats , how many times niko dropped 30k and still lost the match ? And how many times cold carried and lost?
Broky or coldzera?
Dont care about stats only , cold is better clutcher , better game sense. Niko has only better aim but he is a choker sometimes and miss easy shots or goes missing in a map which eventually cost faze ...
Broky or coldzera?
cold and niko equal or cold slightly better