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Well, if you are addict, then the easiest way out is to find some less harmful addiction.
3-0 Finland to Euro? finns come
This.. and half of finns celebrating like it was World Championship title. It's not even World Cup, it's some Euro Cup qualifier, lol.
Helsinki REDS vs HAVU
juho on the LAN, lol
God aim, BOT brain?
You are not paying attention what he does before and in-between clicking heads 😉
God aim, BOT brain?
s1mple's mind is what makes him stand out.
who is prodka
Nice fake flagger trap 😁
Jamppi css vac
s1mple doesn't have VAC ban. ESL banned him for using 2nd account while they were investigating cheating accusations.
Teams have experimented with it in past, but no one has ever made it work consistently in CSGO. It's fire rate isn't fast enough and it's as easy to overwhelm as awper.. so most of the time, SCAR just...
Too much booze, enough money and no interest to keep up with meta.
FaZe top 1 at Blast events this year
Does that actually mean something? Blast has nothing to do with competitive CSGO. It's like bragging about match-making wins, lol.
EGB paid hltv?
lol Every betting site on that list is paying for HLTV. Apparently EGB pays more than others.
Intermittent fasting PPL COME HERE
The first study I found about cardio & fasting says it doesn't make any difference whether or not you eat breakfast before workout. So I suspect your common sense needs some calibration 🤔
Intermittent fasting PPL COME HERE
Is there any proper studies to prove that? Or did you just make up that? 😂
Intermittent fasting PPL COME HERE
That's incorrect. Intermittent fasting has nothing to do with any kind of exercising. It works just fine alone.
Intermittent fasting PPL COME HERE
I think the optimal training time is in the end of fasting simply because it's recommend to eat soon after exercise. But I'm actually doing polar opposite of that because of practical reasons.. ie. I'...