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Pay chrisJ please FPX
It's ridiculous how mouz dismiss his legacy. He had probably the longest CSGO career in same org so far and they just bench him like nothing. Twice. No farewell or anything like that.
hREDS vs FcottoNd
WTH is that team name? I thought thats some random mix team but apparently they are playing in some high profile Finnish leagues with that name. LMAO
ENCE fake wins
This. I'd say its more convicting if they win even when no one is showing up.
If you pay McDonalds salary, you get McDonalds level players. Thats probably not very competitive lineup.
I define fundamental value of cryptocurrency as size of the network around it. Bitcoin has no competition in crypto scene.
Bitcoin is only relevant crypto at the moment. And maybe ethereum since its getting big money futures soon. Everything else needs massive amount of research to invest in successfully. So.. if you have...
Bitcoin price
Over 10% gain since your post 🙃
Bitcoin price
It's still early.
Bitcoin price
It's still much less fake than dollar or euro.
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
That's common knowledge in here. Not some conspiracy thing. For example: Title says half of the organizations getting money from Veikkaus (gamblin...
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
You have not clue what you are talking about. Every political party in Finland benefits heavily from gambling monopoly. And political system is not healthy when state owned company is funding politics...
Valve needs to do a move and QUICK
They make much more by letting others to take risks of developing games and simply taking cut of sales. Valve changed their business model long time ago. It's working great. CSGO wasn't even develop...
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
You misunderstood everything. Bribing is for keeping the monopoly. The money flows back to politics who in return use their power to support that monopoly. It has nothing to do with gambling. Gambling...