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REAL FINAL ?!?!??!?!?!?!
TBH, it seemt more like they had hang over.. maybe they gave up yesterday already and drunk some bottles of vodka to seal the deal.
How to build up major hype again
What can you do? Two best teams were in grand final but 2nd best team can't even challenge Astralis. Others just have to learn how to play. It's easier to hype if there is more than one decent CSGO t...
poor flusha
Give me one example of football or hockey player who has been benched for 6 months without playing anywhere?
poor flusha
Key thing is, you get loaned or moved to other team. In CSGO, players are often just hold in contract prison without playing anywhere. That's likely illegal situation if it continues for extended per...
Zeus record?
That's actually his 3rd different core in major final.
FaZe’s future
It appears Karrigan is good at so called change leadership.. but when lineup becames stable, his leading becomes stale. Ie. he needs constant lineup changes to feed him. Just look the history.. so yea...
poor flusha
Yep, nowhere in that sentence I imply that buyout clause is illegal. Read it again and ask your teacher to explain, if you can't figure out it yourself.
poor flusha
NHL organizations have farm teams, and in cases they dont, they loan their players. And NHL is bad example anyway, I'm talking about civilized European countries. In Europe, we have laws protecting e...
poor flusha
Buyout clauses aren't illegal, are you stupid? I'm talking about the specific case of benching players for extended period. That's risking the skillset required in their profession, there are laws pro...
poor flusha
European countries generally have laws about being able to exercise your profession. If your employee can't provide that, then contract probably becomes void. That's one of the reasons why sports tea...
poor flusha
I don't understand why anyone would sign such contract. It's probably even illegal in Sweden if it includes buyout clause too.
FaZe and Mouz
You have really weird mix of favourite players, lol.
FaZe NEW IGL (opinion)
The most skilled lineup ever can't make that play style work. As we saw today, defaults aren't going to get you anywhere in 2018. It's not enough against more proactive tactics.
Astralis smoke
Except he was back in form last year when Fnatic peaked.