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Make CS great again
OP suggested replacing Edward by Adren. Adren can't be replaced before he is in the team. WTF are you talking about? 😂 Edward isn't really support, he is just bad generally.
Make CS great again
Adren would be massive upgrade and decent fit to the role they need.
Congratulations to Team Liquid for getting second place at IEM Chicago!
Astralis will win tomorrow most likely, yes. But I also remember days when we laughed for Astralis' guys on playoffs because they lost all big matches.
I guess you missed it but in-game prices got changed some weeks ago. Now those COD-guns aren't more expensive than ak47/m4. If it stays as it is now, ak & m4 are probably gone after pros get enough pr...
No need for anti-vir.. it just takes your money and/or slow down your PC. If you really do something shady, use virtualization.
Deposit Cases and win Knives
Lottery is gambling.
bcko banned for 1 year
It can't be sarcasm: it doesn't fit to definition.
Brazilian Shuffle
Experience doesn't make great coach.
BLAST Final?
Trying to understand stupidity just give you headache, lol. Blast is always been like that. Just skip group stage and watch grand final if randomly draw match up looks interesting.
BLAST should host the second 2019 Major.
Just look what's going on right now: three totally pointless matches. I don't think any other organizer is that stupid. I was excited to see match between Astralis and C9 until I figured it's basical...
BLAST should host the second 2019 Major.
Blast is the worst tournament organizer by far.
ENCE vs SkitLite
It's not handpicked, it's based on ENCE's ranking.
Headset Recommendation!
Just best marketing.. it's overpriced pos.
Headset Recommendation!
Hyperx cloud are overpriced piece of shit. Mic is bad and audio isn't exactly great either. They look like heavy-duty but connectors wore out just as quickly as half priced alternatives. I'd recommen...
ENCE vs SkitLite
Good luck to find any odds over 1.0.