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Finland is banning foreign betting sites
You have not clue what you are talking about. Every political party in Finland benefits heavily from gambling monopoly. And political system is not healthy when state owned company is funding politics...
Valve needs to do a move and QUICK
They make much more by letting others to take risks of developing games and simply taking cut of sales. Valve changed their business model long time ago. It's working great. CSGO wasn't even develop...
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
You misunderstood everything. Bribing is for keeping the monopoly. The money flows back to politics who in return use their power to support that monopoly. It has nothing to do with gambling. Gambling...
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
That's BS. All of the money goes for bribing for things to stay as it is. That's 100% corrupt dirty money.
Finland is banning foreign betting sites
You don't quite understand the meaning of culture.
Obviously it touches at the top but I can't imagine how that could cause bleeding. Other than that, it shouldn't touch. ofc you are keeping it within centimeters off the body all the time but actual t...
Why is barbell touching body? Is that some silly power lifting trick to boost results? Or what am I missing?
Flusha will do the same skethcy things on lan..
So, you havent even seen any of Flusha clips. Why do you bother commenting on that topic then?
Flusha will do the same skethcy things on lan..
Aimlocks are meme. Everyone has those. Flusha has some clips where his mouse is totally out of control and he ends up killing someone he wasn't trying at all. There are very few pros who have that ki...
MIBR coach was found to use it once. That sounds more like accident when we dont know how you trigger it.
coaching bug
I see problem that they are banning people for a bug. That's ridiculous when the sole purpose of the competition is to exploit everything you can within the game.
OG has the biggest budget of all CSGO orgs. And they are using it wisely. That's opposite of FaZe.