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[poll] worst team in top30?
How you manage to go from having huge fanbase to becoming the most hated team off all time is quite the remarkable journey for a team. I wonder IF AleksiB is "the One you don't speak of" in their gam...
SCAR is bad. Shoots too slow and needs 2 bullets to kill. U play against Good players and ur Lucky if u get more than One. And for that price it just isn't worth it. On topic: Sg Nerf is coming soon...
Hottest pro
Xgod obviously
Hottest pro
Snuff > snus >>>>>>>>>>>>> cigarettes
Fakeflagger, obviously from osterreich IF likes the snuff. Snus all the way mthfckwr. Higher concentration, less plaque and lower risk of holes, makes you strong as krimz, good for holding B-sites on...
Every CS:GO Major in brief
Maybe this is a woosh but it's Friberg banana
Greatest Human to ever live [serious]
AMA semipro player
What in your opinion is the hardest types of teams/tactics to play against?
My life rn
im so poor
Why the hell would you wear a jacket when you can just skip it, sleep outside, and die instead?
My life rn
Keep your chin Up and remember that if u apply yourself and get out there things in life can change in an instant. Just by meeting the right person at the right time you can get a chance that will ta...
navi most hateable team
After these retarded decisions from the organisations and remainer of the roster and yesterdays results being the outcome of those retarded decisions i can't say i can blame people for hating them.
I see all this shit talk about SG
Would be easy for all the tournament to set server rules to this though. It's a fully possible change that all pro teams except FURIA and Heroic would be happy doing.
kick GuardiaN
Guardian MVP?
+1 i can't ever see Guardian win an major. Too bad because i would really like for him to get back to form where you knew he would get 1-3 kills every round he had the awp.