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-ALEX +Amanek
Amanek and devoduvek both need to entré Vitality.
d0cc - weird full auto
I scavenge the internet day in and day out in hope of discovering small nuggets of knowledge that can enhance my life. But all i ever seem to find are shitposts like this one. :(
recommend films
<syrianrefugeeFromGhana left the chat>
recommend films
Honestly you have one of the cringiest nicknames i've ever seen on this site.
recommend films
True, it's very good.
recommend films
Fight Club Goodfellas Pulp Fiction No country for old men The Big Lebowski Donnie Brasco Once upon a time in America Léon Heat Dr. Strangelove ... Just from the top pf my head.
189 cm 115 kg
183cm, 80-85 kilograms.
Brazil’s decline in cs
A bunch of egoistic primadonnas who think they are Gang$$tas are the reason Brazil is no longer a top contender.
I think u reply to the wrong guy ma friend.
Best Video-Game Universe?
Yeah i Love it, personally i would like a new trilogy. Maybe like alternate timeline to the other games. Or prequel where u get to experience rapture before the downfall.
71 kills still didnt win
Just... Wow. Low ranks though but still 71 in regulation is sick.
Best Video-Game Universe?
I've never done cocaine
It's not worth it i would say, but when you do it it is in a strange way. The thing with cocaine is you want more and more and more. For me it's a drug that is about chasing the peek but you never re...
Hopefully, i think he would be great for FaZe! Also, Robban was not the problem, Robban is king and legend in Sweden.
Gta 4 > Gta 5
Quality over quantity.