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NoFap day 37
Then why did you make this thread
NoFap day 37
Then live in fear of the law.
NoFap day 37
Why should we send Help? Just fap.
Nazi germany still alive
He is not in the FDP, He Made the LKR
Is US actually shit?
I am not a Fan of the US, but you seem dumb.
your job
DJ 32k
Feminists in CSGO
No, what I meant by that is, that you Made a thread about a Problem that doesnt exist, trying to find retards that Fall for this, making the whole movement look stupid. :)
Feminists in CSGO
Imagine making a thread about a Problem that doesnt exist.
Germans come here
No, Just throw out countries like Hungary who dont represent european values. Germany gained a lot from the EU even though we have to pay a lot of Things for other countries.
Name my knife
I am not a zeolikk, I dont even Like him... Look my Account age and Look what threads I Made... But think about it "SluttySally's sister kisser"
No Scene countries country located mainly in Western Asia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia Too lazy to do the Rest...
Name my knife
sister_kisser or whatever zeolikks new acc is named
Nationalism grows stronger in almost all countries and nazi germany had a very nationalistic view. People dont Care about the whole thing, they Pick out the stuff that fits their mindset
Did you even read into the thing? They invited politicians from Nazi Partys like "Der Dritte Weg" and "NPD". Of course These peoples are Nazis, this Festival isnt about music, but politics.
Black Mirror season 5
You missed out on the Last letter.