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compLexity vs Vitality
I thought cts could easily see apex's shadow in that position? Is there a certain place you have to stand? dont play d2 much
Socialist country
Ben Shapiro protestor NPCs
Possibly the article I linked didn't sufficiently demonstrate my claim that Ben Shapiro believes that (even though the article is actively defending Ben Carson's claim that “I think the likelihood of...
Ben Shapiro protestor NPCs
You're right. He is one of the most reasonable right wingers. Right wingers are fucking morons.
Leftists and free speech
ben shapiro is a strong supporter of the ethnostate of israel
"how come socialist countries have so many problems?"
are you saying theres not a lot of external factors at play?
trump french
trumper finally figures out that trump just says a lot of bullshit about everything as soon as trump talks about a subject he knows anything about
"how come socialist countries have so many problems?"
"how come socialist countries have so many problems?"
im saying that theres a lot of external factors at play
Astralis vs Liquid
cant frag nitr0pog can't call nitr0pog can't do anything at all nitr0pog
Astralis vs Liquid
-elige +shroud fixquid
im an alpha male: all my communication consists of screeching and banging my chest
Astralis vs Liquid
mom elige is choking again
imagine being an astralis fan on nov 11 2018
Astralis vs Liquid
I feel like the chances of an upset in theory get hurt when you break it down. Liquid can win, but on what maps? Astralis will ban cache, and Liquid will ban train. That leaves inferno, nuke, overpas...