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fnatic vs FaZe
rain is the best player in the world in overpass bathrooms...also a site mirage...also banana...rain is just a fucking multifrag god lol
FaZe dont 2-1
oh yea there was a third one doesnt invalidate my point at all tho
FaZe dont 2-1
They lost both bo5s. My point is that if the opponent wins a map against them they're prolly gonna win
No black players in pro scene?
probably a mixture of price, casualness, and just culture of what everybody else is buying. part of the reason na cs is inferior is that casual games like cod/smash are more popular in general, but es...
Chiefs vs Tainted Minds
chuch's stream pic looks like the science teacher from stranger things
No black players in pro scene?
at least in usa black ppl like cod/xbox stuff much more than pc/csgo
Tainted Minds vs Athletico
why odds like this when athletico just won them? is it cuz they lost good player?
fnatic vs Luminosity
Time for 16-0?
seeya at major SK LMAO
0 Major in 2017 SK
seeya at major SK LMAO
TFW ur country is so shit terrorists dont even think its worth attacking
haha people thanking trump and putin the western countries didnt fix this the western countries caused this Thank the kurds for fixing it. Now please, let's get the fuck out of there and let these...
EU MDL LAN finals
i thought relegation was played at mdl finals
you mean the sk is the real superteam tweet?
seeya at major SK LMAO
seeya at major SK LMAO
who is talking about NA? only u, cuz this topics make u MAD LMAO