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Niko tweet LUL
Dude, did you see prizes and contracts that pro's operate on these days? E-sport became way of life and only an idiot think otherwise. Obviously when something is becoming serious you will have peopl...
biggest wasted talents
XANTARES Kjearby - overall seeing where he was and where he is right now valde snatchie/ michu - when they joined VP they were easily a T1 material whole swedish scene below 20yo
Current Top20 2019
Where you would like to put Niko on that list?
Sorry bro, every legendary pro player went through community shit at some point. Get your shit together and deal with it like a champ.
FaZe no hope
Mr. nazi, he no right. CS not aim only g4m3.
FaZe no hope
u dumb bruh, no offence
The Longest You’ve gone without a ban?
Don't care but I would ban anyone using this site for less than 3 years. Clean and value content at last...
FLEX: I have enough disk space :D
You said "I'm rich and I'm jew" like both of these things are good. Unfortunately you are rich but you are jew so it's like - i'm rich but i'm disabled. Feel sorry for you bruh, but nice ssd.
People still surprised that higher tier team is struggling against lower tier teams in 2019, loled so hard. Like major results did not teach you anything.
CS:GO best raw aim players of all time
Pure raw aim talent: 1. ScreaM - people who watch CS from the beginning and understand "of all time" and "aim only" will know that there was noone even close to this man peak 2. Niko - his mechanics ...
Bad CSGO habits
Overpeek and wide peek when there is 2+ enemy.
Astralis > Envy G2 < FURIA ENCE > fnatic Vitality > TYLOO Liquid < OpTic Na'Vi < North mousesports < NiP EG > Grayhound
G2 win Malmo
Nope, they will go out first, end of story. Let's get back to my comment in few days. They need time like any team does, frag&run is dead sorry HLTV users.
"New" Cache
Loel, they literally made so many changes compared to for example new de_dust2. Perhaps your gamesens can't comprehend how impactful some changes are - like the window on mid or box on the way to A s...
Why is it boring?
Dunno what you are on about. I'm not crying, nor I'm mad at polish CS being bad. Dude I'm 28 yo old and I have a kid. I've spend hours watching CS in the past and I've seen enough beautiful moments t...