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most underrated sniper in top10
lmao no he's shit he misses so many easy shots but then hits the odd sick one and everyone thinks he's good based on that
1600 Chess on lichess
I would probably recommend doing a bit of theory if you are stuck at a level, personally helped me when I started doing a bit of theory
Richest Pro?
lmaoooooo state of this https://img-cdn.hltv.org/playerbodyshot/m8fI_PbWEGSK-_URlFkQMU.png?ixlib=java-2.1.0&w=400&s=d58c5375e3f87ec06d7f49bfdb8e8e38 homeless hair and pedo moustache
Richest Pro?
Great hair? Lmao sorry but finnish people have some of the worst trims i've ever seen
Worst Country in Kitchen?
I'd say it would be between USA and us the UK, but America probably worse because every meal of theirs has about 300% of your daily fat and calorie intake
great post great share big +1
HEN1 and guerri
Helen Keller would be a better awper
HEN1 and guerri
Hen1 so shit man don't understand the hype yeah he hits the odd nice shot but misses around 20 easy ones inbetween he's wank
brits come here
i want to know why turks have no teeth, fuck goats , are less desirable than cockroaches , and are just straight up an abomination of nature
Richard Lewis REKT mibr part 2
First part was class, will have to read this later after work
South African CS:GO tournament this weekend
ty for share man
He's a Cancer like the majority of the Brazilian scene
fallen to faze
lmao fallen why would they willingly add a whinging cheat with a mind of a 12 year old to the team
Underrated players (now and past)
Oskar lmao is overrated if anything, everyone always used to hype him but he was just a stat padder, exit and eco fragging extraordinaire nothing more