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ptr :(
Not really. tabseN was a monster in the series, but ptr is also really good and the de facto star player of the team under normal conditions.
Dosia X God Sticker
More like[BOLD] Dosia XXX God [/BOLD]amirite?
Dosia 'ex God.
s1mple's opinion about Stewie2k
Man, a bit off-topic, but brazilians are a resentful bunch, aren't they? While Thorin doesn't straight out suck LG's proverbial cock, he's always been one of their most ardent supporters, but god-f...
FalleN owns Games Academy and GA doesn't have a team anymore.
Imgur vs Gyazo
I'm partial to lightshot, which also automatically uploads the screenshots to imgur.
nV doesnt deserves top5
FalleN is the universe's way of saying "I'm sorry for the other ones"
[ITALIC]there are no 1000 gods right[/ITALIC] What are other religions? What is polytheism?
top5 hated teams
I find hating teams because of their fanbase to be a fucking retarded affair. I do hate: c9 Current VP Post Cluj nV Dignitas I fucking hate teams that play with no motivation or passion, or t...
Do consider the current status e-Sports have and the precedent in the form of Titan. Also take a quick look at LG's sponsors and you'll quickly realize that dropping support of LG is almost inconseq...
That is the fucking org itself speaking, it's better than any conjecture by anyone. Besides, were they to outright lie about that with there being a small, slight, even minimum chance of shit going d...