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Top 10 Metal songs
How dare you keep Slayer out of top 10 son?
Connor jumps at referee
You literally said what I was thinking. Someone finally stood up to the bully and shut him out in front of the very spotlight he thought was on his side.
both cunts honestly
Conor had it coming. There was nothing sportsmanlike from his side throughout the build-up of this fight. So I am not surprised at what happened after the fight. Conor did not even have the gall to co...
Old School Rap Songs
Sk crowd help?
"theyre so much worse than normal retarded people" What does that statement even mean....
Fnatic have voiced the same concern in the past. Starcraft 2 players said the same. Russian Quake players have said the same. IEM used to get a lot of flak for doing this in so many tournaments. It's...
Why SK lost
SK has always lost when it starts to believe its own hype. That's how fnatic got schooled when they got cocky. And every other team... That inferno ban was crucial and SK in its hype believed it coul...
Astralis vs SK
Gotta love giftwrap flags. Always talking about "if", "then", "else"
That's like saying every goal in Football should be a curling dipping free kick with a negative spin struck with a shiny Jeremy Scott Adidas cleat. Any other goal is not a goal. You're dumb.
FalleN is the problem
SK were not hitting their shots on Overpass. Botched shots by FalleN, boltz and cold plus fer's stubborn push despite failing multiple rounds shows a headstrong approach. Cache surprised me more from...
ceh9 about HLTV
HLTV Empire Nomad incoming. That private jet life!
NiP lucky
Flag checks out
Luke warm water + liquid soap + toothbrush works too
Well, you're from the Netherlands. You have so many Patta collabs with so many brands. Pick any.
Get Crep Cleaner or Jason Markk. They work for all kinds of shoes. Edit: Spray crep protect on your kicks before going out.