"CS:GO pro scene inconvenient facts"

- Alot of pro player cheating even on online qualifications & lan events since cs 1.6 (silent aimbot, trigger, soundesp etc.)
- They are all good "friends".
- Pro players live from e-sport money.
- Skins & online real money bets = alot of money.
- Alot of matches was sold for skins and real money bets.
- Almost every pro player have second steam account for skins from bets.
- is project created and advertised ( tagnames on weapons) by pro players who can easly sell skins for real money.
- DDoS attacks in 80% matches are fake to explain sold matches
- Easy money, easy life.
- 9/11 was orchestrated by the american government
- The malaysia airplanes were shot down by americans
- Oswald had an accomplice and was bought by the ruskis
- Obama isn't a real american
- Jews control the global finance system
- BigFoot is in reality chewbacca running errands for luke
- Poland isn't a legitimate country
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faceit queue closed
gaben pressed the wrong button (the big red one)
is spotify worth it?
just download it yo ho ho
aim practice
1 hour too long warmup try 10-15 minutes
aim practice
reinstall windows
why jump on spacebar?
then wtf are you doing playing cs its a shit game if you arent playing basically like a fulltime job
why jump on spacebar?
and only 14yo girls use middle finger for scroll cmonbruh your middle and ring finger are on the same tendon, its not good
why jump on spacebar?
yes but you need to change mouse grip to move your fingers, it is better not to
why jump on spacebar?
do you have your hand positioned correctly floating a couple cm above the keyboard? you will get RSI if you dont practice good posture. i have it.
why jump on spacebar?
ok but it can still not trigger if you dont scroll far enough or it fucks up. and you still need to take your index finger off of left mouse button to do it. if you bind 3 buttons close to wasd for y...
how much watt?
ive been building pcs since like 07 kid lol i know what im talking about. big psus have better components than small ones so they last longer. on top of that a bigger psu will be able to power your pc...
why jump on spacebar?
it really depends on your mattress and sleeping position what is better
why jump on spacebar?
no its not. its really really not. it has never been good for anyone. it gets you killed because scroll wheel is super inconsistent and you will scroll past the weapon or grenade you want plus its slo...