"CS:GO pro scene inconvenient facts"

- Alot of pro player cheating even on online qualifications & lan events since cs 1.6 (silent aimbot, trigger, soundesp etc.)
- They are all good "friends".
- Pro players live from e-sport money.
- Skins & online real money bets = alot of money.
- Alot of matches was sold for skins and real money bets.
- Almost every pro player have second steam account for skins from bets.
- is project created and advertised ( tagnames on weapons) by pro players who can easly sell skins for real money.
- DDoS attacks in 80% matches are fake to explain sold matches
- Easy money, easy life.
- 9/11 was orchestrated by the american government
- The malaysia airplanes were shot down by americans
- Oswald had an accomplice and was bought by the ruskis
- Obama isn't a real american
- Jews control the global finance system
- BigFoot is in reality chewbacca running errands for luke
- Poland isn't a legitimate country
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niko is the problem
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Mosque in Hong Kong
this is exactly what it means
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m1x cheating
obviously 100% legit
gla1ve cheating confirmed?
it doesnt matter who is on top, sweden, denmark, brazil, they all produce the same braindead fanboys "hurr durr you only say they cheat because they are better". no fucknugget, they are all cheating.
gla1ve cheating confirmed?
giving fake information to your enemies is just one more way to confuse them and win more. thats not suspicious. there are 1000 smoke kills every year from glaive that are more suspicious than that.
when is it cheating on gf?
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