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Best CS:GO jersey OAT?
This is not about stickers, Titan jersey looks like shit
Best CS:GO jersey OAT?
The new one with a Brazilian flag? It's not bad but not best
sergej is a weeb
>implying weebs don't already know they're degenerates how naive can one be?
burgers cause global warming
> 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxyde What are you even trying to mean?
If Ence lose
Imagine paying 15€ for a pin
S10 or Note9
that's not iphone that's pepsi
Most forgotten player
Do you play on 144hz ?
I mean it works, it's 144Hz with no ghosting or blurriness and the mount is pretty good, you can rotate the screen however you want and the mount can go so high that you could use it in portrait mode ...
Do you play on 144hz ?
Exactly, if you want to upgrade your peripherals first look at the mouse/keyboard then headset and only then the monitor. You shouldn't upgrade your monitor if you're not already comfortable with the...
Do you play on 144hz ?
You never said you got lucky though. And although it's true that TN sucks (especially compared to QLED) it's perfect for CS as it's cheap and has a very low latency
Do you play on 144hz ?
Yeah but you're still retarded for acting like people are dumb for buying cheap monitors, this one is supposed to be worth like half a month of minimum wage. It's like you're flexing after winning the...
Do you play on 144hz ?
No you don't REALLY need it, it's almost entirely about comfort not how well you play. It feels nicer and once you tried it going back to 60Hz is awful but I remember when I first got my 144Hz monitor...
Do you play on 144hz ?
It's not nice but it's 144Hz and it's cheap. You need to pay quite a lot for a nice 144Hz monitor.
Do you play on 144hz ?
This is either fake or it was stolen, QLED is expensive as shit because it's a proprietary technology from SAMSUNG
change major format
Be top team >save strats for final stage >get matched against other top teams early on >either lose valuable strats or lose important matches gg how is that more fair? The only thing lowly ranked team...