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6ix9ine :DDDD
He is a rat, he has no real friends and everything he does is in order to be more popular. Very interesting personalities yes
3800x Amd
Oops my bad the 3950X is 2% slower in games and 50% faster in productivity. I mean sure technically you're right but it's a stupid tradeoff IMO. We're no longer talking about 10-20% difference like w...
3800x Amd
The best of the best is AMD atm but nt tho. Even top of the line best silicon bullshit and whatnot from Intel like 9900KS that only exists to beat AMD in benchmarks can't beat a Zen2 Threadripper in g...
$400 Graphics Card
Used GPUs are pretty risky, you have absolutely no guarantee that it wasn't badly overclocked. Also a 1080 is could have been used for crypto mining.
If you want the best monitor for CS almost any 144Hz TN panel will do. It all depends on your budget and how seriously do you take CS. When I played a lot of CS I had an ASUS VG8QE and it was great fo...
Two main reasons : 1. What they call response time has almost nothing to do with input lag. The 5ms or 12ms are not what makes input lag they're what makes ghosting, motion blur and things like that. ...
Laptop advice
what's your budget... hltv admins should insta ban people who ask for recommendations but don't state a budget
Lil peep
That's not how addictions work.
Is cheating "a thing " at big tournaments?
Ight that's some SA only service bro I had no idea that even existed. I just assumed you mistyped GE or smth lmao.
The "Intolerant Left"
show the numbers with sources mate
The "Intolerant Left"
You say this but IRL I'm pretty sure you wouldn't respect trans people like you would respect "normal" people. That's why they're so mad and they want more rights, because nobody respects them and the...
The "Intolerant Left"
Actually yeah a lot of people don't want trans people to have basic human rights
Is cheating "a thing " at big tournaments?
1. Valve fixed report bots many years ago 2. When reviewing an overwatch case you need to be sure beyond reasonable doubt that the suspect is cheating so obviously if the cheater has a pretty advanced...