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R8 my gf
ass too big, very disproportionate
Trump is DONE
Obama would so scared to ban flights from Europe or China. I can only imagine his indecisiveness honey-coated in beautiful words.
Worst round in CS history?
"what an idiot!" this is gold
GF problem
one can get a disease from cats and it can affect one's pregnancy
Trump disgusting
the technology mRNA was largely funded by Americans apprently. How is leaving the rights to the German gov. better than allowing Americans to continue investing in that company and speed up the develo...
Trump disgusting
You are just assuming this. You have no idea what you are talking about.
Trump disgusting
somebody is bound to be first, somebody that risked his money to develop the vaccine is better than somebody that just happened to be the same nationality as the scientists
Trump disgusting
oh, a classic ad hominem when you run out of arguments, classic
Trump disgusting
yeah supply 6 billion people when they can make 10 million in one production cycle Americans would scale it up faster and thus it would be better for everybody. Who do you think Merkel is gonna favo...
Trump disgusting
you have not understood my comment at all lol
Trump disgusting
when the germans want the rights to the vaccines because they happen to be the same nationality as the scientists - moral when the Americans want the rights to the vaccines because they are willing to...
Trump disgusting
Oh, so they just had to ask, because it's not like the death of many people around the world constitute a sufficient level of urgency for you. It was an American funded enterprise so naturally, such e...