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FaZe fans newfags ??????????????????????????
Or lost our OG accounts with no way to get them back.
4 drops today
Where do you get these fake stats? I got 4 on second group day of eleague...
C9 are literally pugging rn
Enough with the jump peek. You can tell most of these morons have never played ca in their life. It's not like this is new. It's literally part of the game.
FGE will take this ez 16-9
top 3 worst awper
Yeah that's totally true except not at all because pasha is their main awper. Please stop shit trolling
top 3 worst awper
Snax their main awper? lmmfao! Do you even watch csgo? Casual clearly.
top 3 worst awper
Uh what? Pasha is their main awper....
The difference between SK and REST
The difference between SK and REST
Yeah the difference being they were playing against a tier 3 team and still couldn't get a round lol. Get rekt BR scrub lord
SK paid too much?
Thanks for playing guys. This was a test of the idiotic BR and EU kiddies. Because this is exactly what you have said for the last 2 years of NA play. But now that I say it about SK you act like it is...
SK paid too much?
What game are you watching? They don't even look like a top 10 team.
SK paid too much?
Warcraft? Who cares this is csgo
SK paid too much?
Players are not paid to win you mongoloid. Players are paid simply on their teams sponsor deals. Please at least act like you even understand the reality of professional esports.
SK paid too much?
Faze is a shitty team of course their pay is shit.