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Had no idea, unluko
device omegalul
But, you can.
OG Awper
Why didn't they go with Jamppi? Edit: nvm found out issues with vac
Top 20 Players 2019 so far *Updated* This shows woxic is way too high. It's a decent list, but definitely has some flaws such as filtered rating and playoff stats. Are the rat...
Tarik Tweet
He could also just be joking, although it's a weird attempt.
Tarik Tweet
Fells like he can't sense the sarcasm in the jokes.
There is no solid 1. atm. Neither were astralis when they briefly took it back. Astralis will play blast finals soon and copenhagen and can take the spot back there, so can liquid i guess, Though EG ...
-frozen +bubzkji
IGL too. A true all arounder, who as always adapted to survive, big respect. Atm. he is playing very clever and as he is in a supp role he has worse stats, which he shouldn't be punished for.
-frozen +bubzkji
Chris underrated
Overwatch / Semmler
Danes come here
I'm sure you can find a forum on facebook/reddit/duolingo with people learning languages where you could maybe set-up a face-time meeting or whatever with a danish person wanting to learn russian perh...
Danes come here
A famous technique is to first understand what you hear is about, then just listen without subtitles and see if u can follow how far in dialogue they are.
Danes come here
Tbh I think you should just do basic language techniques, i don't think danish differ in that sense. When u move here, I think it will come very natural if you work as hard as you are atm. Socialize e...
FaZe fans come here