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STYKO benched, mouz future?
Concidering 3 entry fraggers and a 3'd awper makes no sence
csgo racist?
Fantasy French Teams
Your g2 looks somewhat nice, i'd put kio as igl though, he liked it in china, and shox doens't want to igl anymore.
-STYKO Official
Not sure who could replace. It will probably be nbk- though.
Fantasy French Teams
As an entry i've always preferred Apex, real solid, and never baits, big balls. More clever as well.
Fantasy French Teams
Apex>Scream i'd say though
Fantasy French Teams
Shox KennyS Kio Apex Maj3r
Denmark lucky
Erisken was gone this match, only good touch was the assist. Yurary made 2 penalties but played well otherwise... I think they were lucky, but schmeichel played amazingly. He made the player nervous...
I guess your IQ
Voice: Freddy mercury Lyrics: David bowie DMG 17
I rate your config 2
Ty, I'm gonna soon, need 144hz
I rate your config 2
1. Resolution (stretched or bb) 1280x720 2. Sensitivity and DPI 0.9 sens - 800dpi 3. Mouse, keyboard and monitor Logitech g500, corsair k65, benq somthing bad monitor 4. PC or laptop PC 5. Faceit lvl ...
Your favorite HLTV user
Hsk, isn't that short for Headshotk1ng?
Top5 players RN
1. s1mple 2. NiKo 3. Device 4. Krimz 5. Magisk Guardian, Electronic. Close.
New Ranking
Scream was good, but has been shit in nV, more than Rpk or kio. He needs a new team to potentially become good again, not because he's done any better than his team.
-olof +?
Available: Nbk- or Kio. Plausible buyouts: Krimz Pretty sure everything else possible would be shit... <3