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Dignitas vs Vitality
Crohn's disease.
Dignitas vs Vitality
That was just a bit unlucky for him, he hold the angle for 20+ sec and when he start to move they come :) So he was probably not prepared for them coming there :) A little more patience and he would p...
Dignitas vs fnatic
GT went through the smoke from short, not long. And he was looking for the player that dig spotted and gave info about. f0rest should have had him, brollan hade a nade in his hand and f0rest saw him f...
Just to point something out to you, what was amazing with GeT_RiGhT if you go back in time was that he NEVER had a slump, sure he had some bad matches there and here. And now I talk from where his car...
173 cm good enough?
Great work dude!
Dignitas vs Orgless
He killed FNS with a ump but got left on low hp, with m4 he would have killed him faster. FNS failed the spray on him, so GT with more hp and the round would probably have been won :)
Dignitas vs Orgless
GeT_RiGhT dropped a m4 to friberg and he went down first without a kill :(( If GT would have had the m4 on the duel against fns the round would have been won. Pretty crazy how dropping a gun can chang...
Dignitas vs Orgless
We can't judge Dignitas with GuardiaN, with hallzerk it would have looked a lot more different.
Dignitas vs Gen.G
Would probably have looked much more different with hallzerk instead of GuardiaN. Playing with a standin makes it much more worse and the communication problems. You can't really judge this dignitas ...
Dignitas vs Cloud9
To be fair GT have been playing good under the time in dignitas, he haven't had a off day like this. Could be his disease messing with him.
Orgless vs Dignitas
wardell running in alone just checking site, dafuq was that move? great plays by f0rp though.
fnatic vs Dignitas
I knew if it went to overpass fnatic would have won. But didn't think dignitas would lose that big on overpass, felt like the air went out of the dig players after the loss on inferno.. :(
f0rest GOAT
He have a point though, f0rest have always had a role that makes your stats "better" so to say, and he plays it perfectly so :) But f0rest bestest <3
FaZe vs NiP
They lined up for him when he was saving ;p
People should know that GT have been asked by NiP to play untill they find another player, and he did agree on it. People should get some knowledge before speaking. He could just quit the team, but Ni...