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Kio last alpha male of french scene
The FaZe team that kicked k1o and allu for GuardiaN and olof was definitely better, they smashed 2 tier 1 events and got to final of the major (lets try and forget what happened there). FaZe with k1o ...
get good at poker?
Yeah man, if I could take what I know about poker now and go in a time machine back to 2003 I would be so loaded, I didn't start playing till 2009 and the golden days of online poker truly died in 201...
get good at poker?
If you play tourneys luck is massive, I know really good players who had losing years playing tourneys because the variance is huge. If you play cash you can grind a steady profit, but there are more ...
get good at poker?
Study strategy Practice good bankroll management Game select (don't only play vs people who are as good as/better than you) Don't be results oriented Don't get tilted Poker is extremely competitive. ...
Try and talk to them like they are a real human being and not just an object you want to fuck and you will be fine, and if they don't reply don't take it personally.
They probably don't get as many invites as NiP. They will probably get an invite to Cologne though seeing as they finished in the finals of the last ESL event.
USA = most evil country?
don't try and hide behind "logic" when you clearly don't understand what it means. native americans did not have the adapted immune systems that europeans had due to living in densely populated cities...
USA = most evil country?
omg you are retarded. native americans died mostly due to diseases that were carried over by europeans because their immune systems were not adapted to them. this is scientifically and historically pr...
Greatest IGL of all time(csgo only)
wtf it takes till #54 for someone to say the greatest IGL of ALL TIME smh
He is their highest rated player at the major (so far) - i just checked it.. i couldn't believe my eyes lol
you guys need to stop
That is just false. Most employers don't give a shit about what some random person working for them says on twitter, unless you have a public profile it doesn't make any difference. I know all kinds o...
you guys need to stop
I still don't see why you need to be anonymous. I'm not saying you can't have freedom of speech, but part of that is accepting that people might not like what you have to say. Most whiney liberals are...
you guys need to stop
As far as I'm aware you can do this in real life as well (in most countries). But if you are not a journalist or somesuch then why do you anonymously need to post whatever you want on the internet wit...
you guys need to stop
Real talk whats actually so great about that?
C9 probably made bank from tariks buyout, if they wait until he is a free agent again they could get him back for no buyout. Orgs are in it for the money too, why do people get so mad when players try...