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"S1mple destroyed NaVi" in your language
S1mple is a cunt.
Renegades vs Cloud9
It's midday for Au watchers... not too bad
Renegades vs OpTic
K sorry. Next time renegades will win. Wait a minute...
TyLoo vs HellRaisers
>bntet is better than niko. Ok buddy. Except when you take into account that niko is playing against tier 1 teams not asia region shit teams. Niko is clearly the better player, even if bntet is very v...
create superteam 16$
It's all bantz mate.
Renegades vs Kings
Renegades should win this. Kings can definitely upset/renegades throw.
Kings vs MVP PK
Not a moba. we good.
create superteam 16$
Excuse me. I take offense to this. He's a dirty kiwi, not a kangaroo.
Renegades vs TheMongolz
Long way to go for that. I really hope so but the major qualifier is always super competitive .
Shroud killed CSGO
Valve did that perfectly well by themselves. Shroud is just moving on with his life. I know even if i was as good as him i wouldn't want to play the same game day in day out for 8 hours.
Kings vs Flash
I tend to agree tbh, but i think they are reluctant to move overseas and they simply don't have the opportunities in australia.
Flash vs Eclipse
Kings vs vici. Kings win. Kings gods.
Cloud9 vs Renegades
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2314417/renegades-vs-cloud9-esl-pro-league-season-6-north-america Yes i realise this is online. But it's a bit of an overstatement to say no chancr. Renegades are just dr...
Cloud9 vs Renegades
Holy fuck what a god damn shit stomp. This is embarrassing for the renegades.
NiP vs HellRaisers
Faze has 2-0'd nip twice in this qualifier already. Convincingly too. I don't think nip has put up more than 7 rounds against them. I'd give HR more of a chance to beat faze tbqh