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Renegades vs MIBR
I r8 renegades in this matchup tbh. Ez throw for stewie2ghey
Renegades vs Luminosity
He is good at stickkng to basics and playing fundamental cs it seems. I'm not sure how that will work out against more structured teams like danish teams and liquid, but hopefully it works out. We've ...
Renegades vs Luminosity
Damn this was ezpz for the boys. Looking better and better
Renegades vs TYLOO
Why is it always this match up lmao
eUnited vs Renegades
YEAH THE BOYS. This is the most excited i've ben for the renegadessince fuckin IEM Sydney.
North vs Rogue
This will be pretty easy for much boi rickeh tbh.
fnatic vs FaZe
Why don't you support some UK team? Oh wait...
It's quitr obvious really... EU has qualifiers for everything. If a german team is good enough to beat other eu teams then they'll go through to the tournament. The trouble is with oce is that it's so...
This is one of the very few international tier 1 tournaments per year that have an oceanic specific qualifier... how is that special treatment. Asia get spots more often and they're just as shit as oc...
how islam became widespread
>There's a huge difference >Being this deluded I shiggy diggy. p.s. Hitler did nothing wrong
If Canadian steel wasn't banned from majors...
Cajunb... Dude hasn't been good since TSM, and even then he was pretty meh.
Envy vs Renegades
No faith. The boys are fucking back.
God is fake
Nope. Try again. At least i can admit i don't have conclusive proof. I only work with the best evidence, and there is no evidence for god.
God is fake
And where is your proof?
God is fake
lmao. You're retarded. There is evidence in the cosmic microwave background and other areas that point towards a rapid cosmic expansion. Thats why scientists believe in the big bang; it's currently t...