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Apeks vs Nexus
kreaz is so bad on dust2, should be ez for nexus on map 2 let's go
Apeks vs Nexus
free win on mirage
Tricked vs YNITY
I watched the 2nd, it seems like a complete aimlock right there. Put it on 0.25X, at first I thought he hit the HS with the 3rd bullet or something like that, but if you put on 025.x you can see he ha...
Heroic vs BIG
syrson are you dumb? Why don't you kill THE GUY NEXT TO YOU JUMPING ON THE BOX FIGHTING RAMP?
TeamOne vs Renegades
Renegades ma
TeamOne vs Renegades
Feels insanely bad for the Aussies, also this 3 minutes stream delay is a joke, 16-15 already for team one :)
Movistar Riders vs Sinners
Bo1 rule guys, bet on the highest odds... It's just 50/50 in a bo1
Trident vs Young Ninjas
I am always skipping 10 am matches, I actually did not bet on this but the last round was very weird.
Trident vs Young Ninjas
I did not bet on this match but I just saw the last round, instead of killing Woro2k with the Ak he goes for knife? Knife at 14-15? And they got the worst player possible for map 1? I think this is a ...
This is not matchfix?
I'd say fix but I remembered playing against Dragon on faceit with my level 3 silver friend and we beat him, this is pure tier 5.
Liquid vs Natus Vincere
2-0 navi, unfortunately.
HellRaisers vs Trident
Not playing for OT and buying a scout at 12-14 must be the most amateur decision from a IGL.
Winstrike vs 9INE
Nealan and norber left K23 or what, why they keep standing in for Winstrike xd
Sinners vs Nexus
Nexus way more experienced
Sinners vs Nexus