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Idk about PY, but in arg Alberto Fernandez doesn't support Venezuela and in BR das created a argument that Lula supported chavez to create a socialist republic in americas . I mean both are from left ...
Pro players spots
I don't but I want to find demos easily, só i need help from hltv nerds
It's a retard retoric from right wing that affect arg, br , py and maybe uruguay(not sure about this one). They accuse the leftist of socialism and way that they will tranforme their countries in a n...
Pro players spots
Talk about nuke, overpass, train, mirage, inferno and d2
Best French Line-up
KennyS- awp Zywoo - 2nd awp Shox - Lurk Amanek/ALEX - igl support Jackz -entry
The last three books you read
1. Sand Capitains/Capitães de areia - Jorge Amado 2. Burnout Society - byung chul han 3. Claro dos anjos - Lima Barreto
I fix your favorite team very easily :)
I fix your favorite team very easily :)
Make a australia dream team, you add jkaem if you want
Nt analfa
Bibibi esquerda, volta pro grupo do zap da família
Brazilians come
And you're right people do not discuss, Just print out the fingersto find a guilty
Brazilians come
I agree with you money make the things happen, how we get money? 1.using it properly, having a good administration of the money and transparency . 2.don't use públic money unecessary things (you use...
Brazilians come
If you look the same period the deforestation in 2019 is bigger than in 2018 . Also, if a Bolsominion cant't argue or defend something like deforestation in amazon, or education cut, corruption, etc....
Fnatic New Roster?
F0rest and flusha
Sell Greenland
Nt murica