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Brazil Please explain.
why not?? a lot of player that are much worse than him got a chance to play a in a diferent team, why he shouldn't have a chance either? Iºm not saying that he will be top 1 2021, but I believe that ...
that ranking has yeah, the team doesn't even exist anymore lmaooooooooooo] #58 yeah
esl baiting hard
the only players that I remember playing fpl (players that are in EU right know) fallen, boltz, danoco, dumau, malbs, pesadelo
depends, they train more. some players play fpl other just play faceit with closed lobby because language barrier
Why OG should get flameZ
I agree, in ence days everybody doubt about sergj and he showed that he was very talented, I don't see why they shouldn pick up flamez
JaCkz top 10 aimer in the world
so deslusional
JaCkz top 10 aimer in the world
but i can point more players. electronic, dupreeh, k0nfig, valde, stavn all beter players than jackz I'm not saying that jackz is bad, just sayng that he is not the top 10 player
JaCkz top 10 aimer in the world
yeah that why jack had like minus 1 rating "but jackz is a entry fraggers" cry is free because yekindar is entry fragger to
fer in Europe
if he will join a team there are 4 options that are most viable OG EG Mad Lions flusha's project (that can become mad lions project) 2 options that are not so viable but maybe Movistar riders or saw
relax, team one is mdl team, their only puprose to br scene is prepare good player to better teams
brazilian "lan" dream
nt, kng biggest online 1.05 rating on lan and 1.17 online LUL
North american flag
bro, there a millions of photo in internet with the 3 flag. saying that it's only have room for 2 flag is bullshit
North american flag
I like canada, I donºt like you, peace