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+1 Garbage. Nothing more to say about that..
The main discussion as i remember it was not about replacing Device.. It was about replacing Kjaerbye, so dupreeh could return as a entry, device move back as a rifler and take the lurk role while be...
Dumbest player names in csgo?
Best player name ever? Dj Skullfuck.
Chicken or the egg?
The answer is really simple.. It's obviously the egg! Why? Because the egg is much older as a evolutionary phenomenon.
Denmark socialist/communist
That's the only thing i've seen you write that isn't wrong. Which is a good thing they did. But i'm fully aware that it is impossible to explain to a fakeflagging DF,NB,SK voter..
Denmark socialist/communist
I can and I have a lot of opinions. I could explain to you why basically everything you mentioned is wrong! But you just seem like you don't want to try to understand and continue to stay in denial. ...
Denmark socialist/communist
Stay in school. You need it!
Denmark socialist/communist
Why are you pretending that you know what you are talking about?:D zero clue
Best Denmark lineup after Astralis
Kjaerbye (Entry) Valde (Support) blameF (Lurk) JuGi (AWP) Karrigan (IGL)
Danish 2nd super team
That's only because i still want him to get more top tier experience and mature a bit. Stavn is definetly one for the future! But if i had to make a 4th best team.. It would probably something like:...
Danish 2nd super team
2nd best team: Avg. age 22.4 Valde 24 JUGi 22 Aizy 23 Kjærbye 21 blameF 22 3rd best team: avg. age 24.8 K0nfig 22 Mertz 20 CajunB 29 gade 24 Karrigan 29 I mean it's not like i created the old Virtu...
Danish 2nd super team
The danish scene does give a chance to the younger players..? The average age og the danish players in top 30 teams are pretty low tbh. And the young players in Optic, Heroic & Tricked should be grat...
Danish 2nd super team
2nd best team: Valde (Lurker) JUGi (Main Awp) Aizy (support) Kjærbye (Entry) blameF (IGL) 3rd best team: K0nfig (Entry) Mertz (Main AWP) CajunB (support) gade (lurker) Karrigan (IGL)
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