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Honest Muslim
This doesn't change the fact that most of the terrorists are muslims/religious...
r8 grill eleague
I opened a porn video right after I saw this retard live just not to hate all the females around the World...
Snax has no injury he just was playing bad... not the same thing
i love how these retarded 12 year old kids and fanboys think pro players are cheating, specially on a lan event that has a prize pool of 1mil :D wtf do you think they just sit in front of the pcs and ...
FREAK in hiding?
C9 probably locked him in a room with no pc or internet connection so he can't say anything cos he is a moron who doesn't know how to speak, probably they are waiting his mom to come over the c9 house...
Ban Freakazoid already
I'm not a fangay and you are clearly retarded... Who ever did the same to any other person should get the same punishment I don't give a shit about which player did it to which player
Envy vs Cloud9
Shroud is getting wasted in NA...
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You are welcome Keepo
funniest rager?
m0E for sureeee... he even rages and fights with his PC :D
most boring/exciting teams for me
So Na'Vi has gameplans executions and the best awp/entry fragger in the World and is boring while NV is exciting to you? Well i guess running through smokes inside the sites are exciting... true vs Dignitas
how is the VP guys letting Snax use the awp after and after again... I mean he is clearly a noob with the awp and I can understand you can want to use it like 1 or 2 times but when it clearly doesn't ...
Luminosity vs FaZe
rip my skins effin merikans
NaVi GuardiaN
You can now go back to play with your barbies cos you clearly don't know aynthing about this game...
fnatic vs Natus Vincere
so far I won over 1500$ from Na'Vi... I'm gonna bet on them again
Girls tip
get a spy cam put some pills at least to one of their drinks or all of them for some gangabangaboomshakalakakakakakak and send us the videos