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simple is the better player when people know where he is. But it is easier to suss out where he is, but even with the knowledge and the advantage, opponents cant suffocate him. Device is better the b...
oh i agree with you, and I would totally support a pop in, pop out 5v5 casual 10v10 might be better though, less rounds with bots
Best analyst in CS:GO
YNK, spunj, moses, seang@res, and I'd throw DDK and bardolph in there even though they dont work the analyst desk, they are some of the best analysis
you mean like a 5v5 casual mode? with side changes? I'd even be ok with it staying 10 v 10 and extending to a whole game. Some might argue that MM is basically casual 5v5 though, with other services ...
Your eDPI ?
technology native kids going to come in here in a few years with the mechanical advantage of crazy high sens mixed with playing cs in their crib. We are rekt.
delusional Xyp9x fans
it's cause he can crab walk the entire round and still be unspotted next to the planter with the drop on the other 2 post plant positions. everytime. I think it is magnets or something
Pros who are libtards
You are welcome to your opinion, of course. But I do know the people that drew the current lines that have been tossed out have done everything in their power and somethings not within their power to ...
Pros who are libtards
the electoral college is an over-arching good idea, but like most good ideas, it has been gamed and subverted on occasion. We are fixing the current ploys involving carefully manicured political distr...
ZywOo ON LAN !!!!!!!!!!!!
tough game, ghost has been getting some good work in over the last few months
Save the Earth
i'd change these fishing / gold rush/ fucking up alaska wilderness shows, instead of promoting these runs on natural resources, maybe focus the rush and spotlight on things like 'Long line fishing for...
Leftists and free speech
No, thats what you are saying, i am saying that these groups dont give a shit about the colleges they are speaking at, in fact arnt even getting paid by the audience. (And if you sont think ben shapir...
Leftists and free speech
I am not arguing the responses arnt fucking idiotic retardedness. but the fact is the speech booking itself was done simply to provoke such reactions. And they are abusing systems designed specifica...
gla1ve smokes
real question is why is gruby out in the middle of mid walking back towards white box in a 4v4 Looks like he either just left vents or changed mind on move to vents to respond to spots on a, he isnt...
Leftists and free speech
worst part about all this is that these speakers arnt really even try to say anything with these talks. They found some precedence for colleges receiving public monies, by default, having very little...
top 20 HTLV this year
at this point, you would have to have taken a bump in the noggin to not rank device no.1 I would argue he might not be best on his team, but stat generating plays, he is leading. (i say xyp is the w...