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US national Warning was a violation of your rights
dumb thread, but like wise, the national message was also a dumb idea and waste of time and resources, and in no way serves any objectively utilitarian purpose at all. I mean are we honestly suppose...
thoughts bout Edward
he had an amazing match in quarters, not really sure what you were watching tbh. also zeus is maybe CS:GO GOAT, they win this and I think it is pretty much secured for him.
ya, i think part of it is an act, though he does also host (or at least work) for dota events and possibly other games as well, so part is because he has to have knowledge over there too, and is split...
he is desk host, the MC, my dude, and not an analyst. And he does a pretty good job keeping everything moving down the road and on track. Part of his job is to ask questions to cue up the analysts, ...
>chad "I'm not sure what just happened there" burchill > best analyst pick one Kidding, he is having a really good event and analyzing what actually happened instead of bitching about his predictio...
Worst major
nip is top 15 from challenger stage. Like if you arnt mentally prepared a top 15 team qualifying from challenger, what are you ready for?
Worst draws ever
for real though 2-0 game is designed to be good team vs good team, and counter to that is 0-2 bad vs bad so these matchups were supposed to come this stage regardless, nobody can control that the goo...
Worst draws ever
nah this is garbage draw
Worst major
what you just gonna take their wins away because hltv confirmed 'they dont deserve it'. pathetic
Worst major
literally faze lost to BIg alread, wtf are you want? mouz got dicked on a bit, but you know you gonna play top 20 teams, its why you are here, not like they went against 1 then 2 then 3 faceit cs be...
p1mple pro baiter
well duh not going to win much with just 4 people
mousesports vs NiP
should be good, watch your sound cues NIP mirage is good choice, and sound cues can be very misleading
EZ: Monsieur Jacques Villenueve
Honest conversation
nothing is forcing him to pursue the career, nothing wrong with enjoying himself with other ambitions. edit: ib4 nothing goes to jail for this But if he wants to be pro player, he has the opportunity...
Tf is a star role?
I guess 3 & 4 man saves would count as CTs being passive but also defuses without all the kills and T time up rounds also drive kill counts down, especially if the site anchors or mid players 'seal' ...