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For those of you who didn't read whole post
let's see the bug was reported and fixed august 26th. ESL one cologne started auguest 18. I am no rocket chemist, but that looks like maybe the time tables are not lining up with what is being said. ...
how did u start cs?
lan in dorm, entire building playing half-life death match
Corona in NA
ya, because a well-funded CDC will produce scientific information about vaccines being effective and necessary, and then the preachers on their bully pulpit look like fools. btw, fuck activist preach...
America come
i agree, i am not even sure if 38% of beer drinking americans would buy corona under any circumstances, never mind including non-beer drinkers and then attributing it to corona virus lol.
why people are low iq ?
Ya bro, china locking people inside their home, deploying armies of people and robots to bleach every surface like once an hour, temporarily banning chinese people that were outside of the country fro...
Project A haters: why?
'you know what would make cs:go better? If the awpers could fly and have rapid fire one hit kills after awping someone' - project a dev probably
the government controlling the economy via picking winning and losing oligarchs is The hallmark of fascism. It is the whole point of the populism, the whole point of 'we vs other', to convince people ...
What's wrong with Alex?
the same things are said after they win titles. I never understand how certain teams get 'approval' by this scene. Like moses just shitting on vitality project, saying edit: paraphrase 'they never c...
naf aimbot
real talk he aimed at the corner of hut because the awp in hut could have gone thru squeaky and climbed on the box and he heard a sound near there from the grenade thrown from mini garage right when h...