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CS + weed
only problem is sometimes you are all the way in the groove and it is great, but sometimes you ain't in the pocket and it is more distracted play. so not as consistent from session to session as rela...
New Liquid Roster
'hey we just reached the finals in a tier0 event, we definitely need to restructure everything' - every team according to hltv
why zeus off meta?
because zeus + berettas on rotate/retake is terrible tbh, i mean what, jumping and zeusing a guy peeking out of b apt windows from cat retake about all I can see, other than that you wish you didnt h...
Epic putting up $100million in prize pools for first year of tourneys.... wtf? wow.
"b8" meaning
atp for lyfe
D12 stuff too
nope sorry the title of best rap album belongs to Supreme Clientele
Rappers ranking
good lists, black rob should be on there at least as honorable mention channel live RZA style family non phixion and really the whole brooklyn scene from around then
Why are depression rates high in Finland?
because they want to play CS right now, but they gotta go chop wood for the traditional sauna
Hardest bombiste to defend?
i'd say both bomb sites on cache and both bombsites on cache Cache is one of those maps that if you are finding success as t with picks or fast pushes, ct side becomes a real uphill battle getting...
friberg and bottomfragging
people judging by position on score board and stupid threads
"couldn't care less"
classy, and now your superior lingual skills have left me feeling bad. I must declare Get_Rez did nothing wrong! #justiceforGetRez #muricaSpellsWrong
IGL question
yes i meant some teams, but there has been an uptick
IGL question
this is my understanding as well which is also why teams have 'two guys calling' because sometimes you find yourself needing to be engaged and searching and not comm'ing the radar info, and sometimes...
"couldn't care less"
center, but we are in a forgiving mood so carry on