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Steam Down
Steam down :(
bro fist
Trump2020 impossible
That's what their government says. Same thing with their only 4k deaths. Also, when you live in a dictatorship it is easy to lock people at home, they are already starving...
Trump2020 impossible
yes yes, absolutly, China with the highest population in the world had only 4k deaths, we belive that your are not manipulating the data, yeah. Also, do you use VPN to access hltv or are you fake fla...
Trump2020 impossible
No, 150k United State Americans died because of a chinese virus. Anyway, your account is supposed to bait brazilians, not muricans
+1 I just don't know how Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria have such low numbers of absolute deaths. Because China and India are obviously manipulating their data.
jim carrey
I think you misspelled Adam Sandler. Jim Carrey mvp
demonized jobs by society!
demonized jobs by society!
truck drivers yes, they tend to have multiple families. lul
demonized jobs by society!
Because everything we do in life is to get some bitches, and bitches don't like garbage truck drivers.
Bolsonaro Covid +ve
He will take tons of hydroxicloroquine and other things he says are good against covid, will recover because he will have every support he needs and then he will say that cloroquine saved his life and...
Bolsonaro Covid +ve
Every flu is fatal.
gaules xD
He already does. He casted all the majors last year, as well the road to major this year. You guys are just full of hate for brazil that your brain stop working when you see our flag.