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mibr 0-3
what I know Astralis won't win this major
pickem question
ty mate cheers
pickem question
really? it should count but i didn't see any info about this. For now, I believe you :)
Astralis without the Smoke Radar Bug.
I think it's gonna affect their mentality more than their play style. Now pressure is on them.
Major is live!
ty man cheers
if this happens their era will definitely be under questions
Taco vs Gla1ve
how many unfair kills he got I wonder
coldzera is still GOAT.
It depends on how you describe GOAT. Guardian, for example, is the only player who made in top 20 every year. I think that's a pretty sick stat.
If you wanna guarantee 5 correct picks, don't put the favourite teams in the 3-0. G2 and Vega are the two good candidates for 3-0. I personally chose Vega, even though I want G2 to advance, cuz I don'...
Season opening with Major
#16 a fair opinion?
Season opening with Major
I think that wouldn't be a bad idea but I am trying to look at from many different perspectives. For example, when the season ends with a major, some will have that void feeling in the beginning of t...
Season opening with Major
nah then there would be no hype mate :) the more you miss it, the better it gets, AND the more you are gonna get disappointed lol
Season opening with Major
Astralis will definitely change their strats and this favours them too. I think overall it gives more space for randomness in a match which may result in a bad final match up. They open the season w...
Which major was the worst?
London from every aspect
s1mple top 1?
I think so