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SpawN insane shot 0_0
n1 doe
BileDani's PC
Jäbä feikkaa jotai vammast perseleukaa tääl tohkeissaa, mee nukkuu vatipää :D
BileDani's PC
Et oo aito biledani vitun möykky :D:D
BileDani's life
Oh, yeah, that list is totally true in every way. Sure you've bigger average wages than Swiss people. Hahahahahahahaha
BileDani's life
I make 4400 € per month. It's over the average but I guess it's OK?
pasza crying
What a crybaby pasha. It's not passion, KDest. It's called being a dick. You can be the best without whining on stupid, small thing on purpose. I do not agree that kind of behavior, when he's a profes...
FaZe vs SK
What a great match. They did so many mistakes and it was like a tier 5 match. Both teams were so bad. FaZe needs to do some changes in close future if they do not start to shine, since their teampl...
FaZe candidates ?
NiKo could play in every team. He's the greatest fragger/rifler atm. mouz is just slowing him down, i feel bad for him, truly. He needs a great team backing him up as he frags the fuck out of enemi...
BileDani's life
USA is a total shitcave where most of the people live in poverty. 5% are rich (includes not skilled blonde hollywood bitches who fuck rich old men) 75% lives for working and not working for living....
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UaM765-S515ibLyPaBtMnBz7xiao0HL5f-F1zk_CSF4/htmlview?pli=1&sle=true# There's still actually professional players playing with that resolution... lol. I th...
am i kawaii with these settings?
Fejtz and HS stepped down for OB
>talk about 3rd world >be brazil
kanye is great producer, shitty mc. /close
Liquid vs Dogmen
+1 i agree ! this will affect positively to adren.