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Liquid vs North
All 3 maps are pretty good for North and Danish teams overall so this isnt a surprise at all, I would have put North as favorites.
I can not even watch this piece of shit facebook stream, it cuts out as soon as I start it fuck off ESL. Back to russian stream.
I swear to god faceit is full of cheaters.
Almost anybody in a nordic country can buy a car like that if they want to, but its a horrible investment you would much rather buy something that makes you more money instead of buying an expensive c...
Dazed, Rip.
job ideas
Trade crypto.
Who cares dude that was an amazing match.
18+ dreams
Before that happens I have already made a fortune and the day you realize cryptos are a legit thing and you enter the market it will happen to you.
18+ dreams
Make a shit ton of money from crypto.
next big cryptos
Keep trying dude, are cryptos really banned in Arab Emirates, In China they restricted cryptocurrency stuff but it isnt actually banned and its legal to buy and sell.
next big cryptos
I think you can buy crypto with you creditcard on coinbase and cex.io but I believe the sites dont allow new users right now because there are too many people signing up and they cant handle them all ...
next big cryptos
I keep them on a hardwallet. https://www.ledgerwallet.com/
next big cryptos
You can but there is a always a very small chance that the site gets hacked and you lose your money.
next big cryptos
Kraken.com but I dont know what currency you use if you use USD or EUR you are fine but if you dont use those you might have to find another trading site.
next big cryptos
Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar lumens, EOS