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GrEta THUMBerg The PERson Of The YEAR
Oil is most definitely not the future. You are going into that with Norwegian eyes - since that is what has made you one of the richest countries in the world. Naturally, you want to preserve that wea...
Greta Thunberg OMEGALUL
People don't care because of her disabilities. If you weren't told about her syndrome, you wouldn't know either. People care because she is the face of the generation who will truly feel the impact o...
Greta Thunberg OMEGALUL
So only scientists can speak on a matter that we have known for decades impacts everyone on the earth that we share? In that case, we have no need for politicians, as most of the time, they are not e...
Greta Thunberg OMEGALUL
So what. You're what, 40, and you still know shit. lol :D
r8 girl + ass]]]
It's not nice to expose your sister like that man.
climate deniers come here
Climate change is real - you'd have to be an idiot in day and age not to understand that. BUT let's just theorize for a moment that it isn't. What on earth do we have to lose by making the air, the l...
Mouz needs roster move?
First of, if you watched the games, you'd know very well that Karrigan often saves the day. His performance as of late is not bad for an IGL at all. Secondly, if your IGL skills are as strong as Karr...
Mouz needs roster move?
Quite tired of people saying Karrigan is the problem - when he evidently was the catalyst for Mouz excellent performance after he joined. Just look at the stats before he joins and after. The fact t...
Your salary in USD
Salaries are low for devs in Brazil generally speaking?
I r8 your Paypal password
University Outdated?
You spoke generally of Universities in your OP. "It's just another level of school really, the whole purpose is to turn you into a mindless worker"
University Outdated?
Yes, I definitely much rather have a self-taught doctor than someone who studied carefully for years at University, before practicing it on real people....
"Who the hell is s1mple"
The problem today is that there are too many snowflakes. Calm down. Focus on something of importance, like climate change, your career or something else worthwhile.
"Who the hell is s1mple"
It's just Danish humor boys, relax. You might refer to it as sarcasm in other countries.
High FPS microstutter fix
I mean, each to their own. But it seems a waste to upgrade from a 7700k gpu to Ryzen if it is just for CSGO.