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Trump is gonna win
If you are in science, you should quit now, because you sir, don't have a clue on objectivity. Objectively Trump is an idiot and easily the worst US president in modern times.
Mass Shootings and Guns in America
True - their excessive gun culture has also fueled that fear for a long time now. The reason they need guns is that everyone has guns and nobody can be trusted.
Mass Shootings and Guns in America
You should feel safe enough not to even need to have a gun or any kind of firearm. The fact that you feel the need for one, says a lot about America.
Why is it that the internet creates these self-proclaimed experts, just from reading a few things online. Get a Ph.D. and then chime in, until then your argument is wrong on so many levels. Herd imm...
35x rollover is standard - for Casino products. For SB that is taking the piss. The $30 cap is also a complete joke. If you want to wager there, just do not accept any bonuses. Ease of withdrawing th...
So easy for Finland
I read your first line and ignored reading the rest. Learn to communicate properly if you want people to listen.
So easy for Finland
Besides the obvious impact to human lives in Sweden - there is a very high likelihood that Swedish residents will be blocked to enter a large number of countries once all other countries have their si...
"It's just a flu"
The mortality rate is NOT calculated based on ALL OPEN CASES! An Open case is NOT resolved and hence CANNOT figure into the calculation. It HAS to be based on CLOSED cases only. Do the math. 8%.
"It's just a flu"
So according to you - everyone is equal but some are more equal than others? Fuck off. Everyone deserves to live, just because you have less likelihood of dying from it, it is of no concern to you. Cr...
"It's just a flu"
Right.... MINUS 1
"It's just a flu"
Stop spreading false information. Stop being part of the group deliberately spreading misinformation: The mortality rate is 8%. Calculated on CLOSED CASES ...
"It's just a flu"
Jesus christ! Get your facts straights - Mortality rate of the flu is NOT higher than the coronavirus!
Italy: 200 coronavirus in 3 days
The mortality rate is at 8% atm. There are grounds for being concerned - China hasn't exactly handled it well from the start.
Italy: 200 coronavirus in 3 days
I realize scrolling might have been too much to ask from a boomer, so I have helped you out.