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LG/Sk.BR 2016 > Astralis 2019
Bad bait
legalize all drugs
Well no point of discussing further. Have a nice day.
legalize all drugs
So we're justifying legalizing a bad thing because other bad things are legal? Way to go.
legalize all drugs
Why should we legalize something that's bad for us?
Well coldzera doesnt play with awp, Niko did occasionally but still he is a rifler, s1mple has always been insane with it, flusha never played it, fer didnt either.... many other players considered to...
My friend I'm not drinking, I have never been (made that promise to my mom) and I never will. I have nothing against people who do, most of my friends drink, but I feel fine without it.
I think the approach to alcohol is bad especially within young people. Drinking beers here and there is not that bad, but so many people live the lifestyle of going to school/work during the week, par...
Not a great day for me..
What do you like to do?
Messi is better, he is so good at so many things, Ronaldo is veeeery close, but i think Messi just wins it for me.
why hate feminists?
Cause before in time real feminism was about equality between women and men. Now, it's about ending the patriarchy which doesn't even exist and take over.
ww3 cancelled
Ww3 isn't happening. Iran isn't going to start shit, neither is US.
I'm bald and I'm almost 20, been cutting it bald since 18. No problems with girls my friend.
Most carried player of all time
I don't think people appreciate TACO's influence when he played during prime days of Fallen, Cold and fer. TACO was never a flashy player, he is that player who does a lot of the hard work, but gets ...
ROG Swift 360Hz
Lies. If you started to look at your FPS on lets say Cache A site while 3 smokes are coming off, flashes and 5 t's are shooting there is no way in hell you would be getting 400fps on 128tick with any ...