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Evil Geniuses vs eUnited
I had that plugin on 80% of the college computers
Canadian Debate
Who are you interested in? Every party to me seems very big talk no walk but green honestly looks the best overall in my opinion, Liberal wants to con people into voting, Con banking on people that do...
i Rate your PC
https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dNWwPn dis mine i dont upgrade much
s1mple n guardian
Oh so there is no quarrel to be had. Good day sir hope the best to you and your family
s1mple n guardian
I am not allowed to say an opinion? ok mr judge man shackle me up and do with me what you will ;)
s1mple n guardian
ok your point is not relevant at all? its against nip north and optic and will be against mous vitality astralis whoever navi is are best teams
s1mple n guardian
shaqile oneil????
s1mple n guardian
np mens I dont like plastic either so many EG flairs in this site is like joke
s1mple n guardian
check my shit been a navi fan since 2014 and watched as they struggled to beat epsilon to qualify for ecs 2 years ago I am anything but plastic I am titanium navi fans all the ways
s1mple n guardian
guardian 1.64 rating for a reason
s1mple n guardian
calm down, my team is still in this tournament and dont get 2-0 by flukia
s1mple n guardian
astralis plan is to shut simple out if other 4 players are sick and not getting yelled by old man hitler then ez vs astrlais
s1mple n guardian
what you expects from best team in world, took time and to kick 2 idiot but now we the best inc era
Your 3 map Veto's?
Then liquid can only beat fnatic on nuke then cause they can't even beat shithounds on it
Your 3 map Veto's?
Nuke d2 inferno, always float vertigo especially if you are in shit t10 na cs you get ez wins just off holding w and shoot head