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Overpass Season Tuscan Cobble (old) Train Inferno Nuke
RL Thorin Smooya Flom HenryG - The rat kings vs Gaules Taco Kng Coldzero Michau - Que Ota
Mouz, coL and FaZe
oh my bad wasnt paying attention yeah idk nicodoodz then in that team not much depth to choose from in denmark for awpers
Mouz, coL and FaZe
Nicodoodz is an aware but is very inconsistent, don’t know why new awper needs to be danish torzi seems very promising
zywoo in 2021
ye thats what im saying
Synthetic vs Valors
Yeah I feel that they have always floated around this top advanced low premier level
Synthetic vs Valors
This is literal tier 3-4 NA of course it will be not an enjoyable as top tier NA or even T2 NA to compare them is just dumb.
zywoo in 2021
Would be an insane accolade for him so young in his career, but considering Gambit dominated pretty much March - July 2021 wouldn’t be surprising to see shiro axile hobbit all top 10
Synthetic vs Valors
What a life altering cs match this will be
Best beer ever
Ive tried tiger, as far as it goes I would say it is equal to a very cheap eurolager, but much more expensive. Asia makes some good beers but not tiger :( cool logo though
Best beer ever
many bars here sell sours by the pint, but atmosphere is shitty hipster bar no pubs sadly
Extra Salt vs GODSENT
Yes it is totally his decision to join EG not the orgs
Natus Vincere vs OG
navi dont need food they get pay more then brad pitt mostly
Netflix Recommendations
broadchurch fuckin great show