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SuperJymy vs EPG
EPG won both pistols shitty ruskis
joelz skype ? is older than this one
Apex mentally challenged ? Here is some more LOL
Apex mentally challenged ?
I like him aswell, but I feel like it's almost forced at this point
Where is QBF ?
Same today, we most likely knew that faze was gonna make at least top 4, the rest was sooooo open
Where is QBF ?
Yeah it was great ! it really was one of the best major ever
Where is QBF ?
The gambit match up was more legit in my eyes, Gambit had to come back to bring the game to OT and QBF still closed it out, I feel like if a team had to choke that game it was QBF, they definitely had...
Where is QBF ?
he has a pc he just doesn't have a good internet connection They need to be picked up by a good org so they can give them a gaming house with go pcs and internet to see what they can actually do
Where is QBF ?
13-2 > 14-16 vs mouz we all remember
Where is QBF ?
holy fuck kalinka went off that series lol Well, we need to see them against top tier opposition once again. you can't call it a fluke if you don't give them a chance to prove it wasn't one. When C9...
Where is QBF ?
IMHO we can't really consider the legend spot as a fluke as long as we don't see them at another LAN event, shady online leagues don't mean shit. + QBF actually beat decent teams, on different maps, ...
Where is QBF ?
they're shit online, when hltv released their HUUUUUUUGE article about QBF and their journey, a lot of their players talked about how bad they were online, and they definitely consider themselves as a...
team Ukraine to dodge WESG World Finals
they can play from Ukraine tbh.
worst team possible
WHERE WHERE the fuck is flowsick.
Ez tier 1 team
-happy -hadji +shox and smithzz ez