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Nip - FaZe
+1, especially if the grand final is 5 maps long, the individual stars will actually make a big difference with the fatigue going on and such
FaZe vs Cloud9
Let's go Cloud 9.
CLG vs Liquid
Real Liquid today
Delete a palyer
znajder, so godsent can be decent
r8 girl
10/10 pretty young tho
Singularity vs Tricked
Ryxxo.exe * Waoo killed bobbzki=) with hkp2000 Round over - Winner: CT (2-14) - Bomb defused Ryxxo.exe * Waoo defused the bomb Ryxxo.exe * Waoo killed DJSayf with hkp2000 Ryxxo.exe * Waoo killed dumas...
Is Kjaerbye banned yet?
the dude doesn't understand that he follows the spray while shaking LUL turks 4Head
FaZe vs Astralis
I'm just saying the scoreline should be around 14-6 and not 11-9 lmao, which is the truth. If Faze end up losing the game it's entirely because of this really poorly played anti force
FaZe vs Astralis
that peak into window by guardian after he spotted xyp trying to get up lost them the round. Insanely greedy from Faze, they really are way too cocky on the ct side, taking aim duels they don't need t...
Immortals, zqks and the NA minor
Yeah it had to be a lie, can't find where I read that but i'm pretty sure it happened, well this is so retarded LUL
Immortals, zqks and the NA minor
I guess the chances of it happening are really low, but yeah keep in mind what I said, if an org signs them it has to be a fairly new org or an org that has been teamless for quite some time now
Immortals, zqks and the NA minor
I'm pretty sure LG's ceo said at the time that they were looking for more firepower within the team, which is ridiculous LMAO shz was a great clutch player and destiny was the second star alongside ye...
Immortals, zqks and the NA minor
Maybe, or even a completely new orgs, some ppl talked about PSG esports venturing into csgo and it would be fine with the sort of brazillian hype around the club LUL
Immortals, zqks and the NA minor
<20 ADR aswell, shows how shitty he's been LUL