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New c9
afaik 2021 is the last honda's year tho
og vs g2
og3 then
-grim +Yekindar
imagine -calyx +hunter thoughts?
skill in anything
the answer isn't only in this tho. Zywoo hadn't spend a minute on practicing mechanical skills when he was at his prime, and still he was better than s1mple who puts a lot of time. Is his ability to u...
skill in anything
while it's kinda true i wouldn't say that ronaldo and messi (and other top players) are just on 1000 levels higher at genetics than any normal player etc. Messi has better talent while Ronaldo is a ha...
skill in anything
skill in anything
idk what's the point of ur words?... There can be only one person as a president at a time
skill in anything
do u understand it's a pointless and meaningless discussion? for you it's messi, for me ronaldo, for someone else it's not even one of these two..
shox bench when Vitality?
++++++++++++ those idiots don't even know what they're talking about
MVP Awards are a joke
well then what? Being an igl makes u higher in order just for that? cadian played better in grand final, but ax1le played way better for whole event..
-1 cadian is mvp of grand final but not of the whole event
B1T deserved
nah this navi management just doesn't want to spend money to build great roster. Not only money matters tho (Gambit shown it). I think whole navi system and inner atmosphere is just kinda fucked up. I...
8D Musics Underrated
bro is it b8? These "8D music" is a bullshit with no difference. It's even more flat than normal one because we have two channels at normal while here we're having one channel which is just spinning l...