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ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst-
- und das ist rechtsradikal

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Donating to wealthy people
I think that they don't get that much attention irl so they try to compensate it that way
ANTIFA omegalul
Ok now it's getting really obvious so this will probably be my last response. >"I am not right wing rather more oriented to the left" >"great social-democratic party, you cry "leftist"" Never said t...
ANTIFA omegalul
SPD voter. That's mid-left my darling e: your actions speak for yourself. If you smash a face of some nationalsocialists you are not any better than those nationalsocialists smashing faces of migrants...
ANTIFA omegalul
Ok i play along 1. That's some obvious bait right here. Yes, politicans and policechiefs would voluntarily get themselves disgraced by letting antifa rule parts of the city and terrorize citizens even...
ANTIFA omegalul
Dicke Bernds und so 60 jährige Petras haha GG
ANTIFA omegalul
Are you really that stupid to not see that ypu're getting baited?
ANTIFA omegalul
I am not right wing rather more oriented to the left but imo leftextremism is the same bs as rightextremism. Where is the point of these degenerates to attack policemen and all that shit. I am also no...
You've missed nothing tbh
jews [*]
Ever heard of massgraves? Not all were burned..
The dude who shat his pants while being live on stream E: and got banned for cheating several times iirc
Dude idc. Going to spent my vacation in august with 2 chicks and another dude. But i am not afraid to show myself. Also fatshaming is illegal
A bit. My triceps/ biceps are hella fine but my wrist is kinda girly imo
"auto noob" in your language
Personenkraftwagen Anfänger
Not directly my wrist but my lower arm where i am planning to get that tattoo
Left (am a righthander if that matters)