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NiP vs Heroic
friberg > REZ confirmed
Katowice Coin
How were 90% "ripped" in the first stages? You have to be a moron if you didn't get 5 right out of 9 in each stage
17.5k USD if nip delivers
Betting odds are not the same as the actual probability that the result will happen. Otherwise they would make no money.
Will EU make english official 2nd EU language?
No more votes = democracy Fantastic logic
Shroud aimlock?
Rember when NIP was good?
They got 6 rounds today so 3x as good
ICE Rigged?
Yes Na'Vi will have been bootcamping, as have Heroic. However they have likely spent a lit of time preparing for the major and the opponents they will likely face there. They will not want to bring an...
ICE Rigged?
I would not personally be gambling money on matches organised by a gambling site who sponsor all the teams, no. That does seem a conflict of interest at best. However in reality it is unlikely any of...
ICE Rigged?
+1 North are shit whereas Heroic just picked up a fragger and are on the "honeymoon" period Na'Vi should be winning vs. Heroic but worth noting that Na'Vi have the major in a few weeks so won't be wa...
GOD zywoo
Smooya 200 IQ?
Called restart in pistol round because his screen froze Screaming after round wins, as usual Misbought auto-sniper and tried to call restart, was denied, went on to get lots of auto kills Cue a trigg...
NiP vs Heroic
from his penis
OpTic played in pro league with no NA players
Dominant eye
I'm afraid that website doesn't translate nonsense into English