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Smooya 200 IQ?
Called restart in pistol round because his screen froze Screaming after round wins, as usual Misbought auto-sniper and tried to call restart, was denied, went on to get lots of auto kills Cue a trigg...
NiP vs Heroic
from his penis
OpTic played in pro league with no NA players
Dominant eye
I'm afraid that website doesn't translate nonsense into English
smooya overrated?
True, I misread it. Had a good performance in the FaZe playoff game at least.
smooya overrated?
That's what he is doing right now lmao... And you can see from his recent interview he is a lot more humble, saying that UK players only think they are good in the context of their own scene, and he ...
smooya overrated?
Think it was report from dekay or someone like that, check the CS:GO subreddit.
smooya overrated?
How many LANs had Ropz played before they picked him up? Zero. Two LANs with two good performances is a 100% success rate and you aren't going to get much more assurance than that from an upcoming pla...
smooya overrated?
I mean he's played two LANs with BIG and had a 1.19 and a 1.24 rating, don't see why he wouldn't be good enough.
smooya overrated?
Yeah it sounds like at the very least he is leaving BIG. Not sure if it will be mouz or maybe a US team? Or perhaps back to a lower tier until he gets a bit more LAN experience?
MAJOR DAY 4th Predicts
its about 90/10 to navi lol
You should work for RT
I don't think you understand averages
smooya NEEDS to go
To a better team, yes
muslims come here
Criticising Islam doesn't make you a racist.