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thank mr stewie
Haha +1 trying to hero lurk and can't hit the shot Then C9 take about an hour to realise that FaZe are stomping back to B
Gtfo Pansy
+1 I don't have any problem with her
I don't think forcing even more people to be part of a country they don't want to be part of would solve any problems.
Friberg & Xizt new team?
They could join fnatic, plenty of washed up players there
Space Soldiers vs Cloud9
that wasn't very ambiguous
jobless for 1 year
If your mum cooks and houses you, that's living off your parents. Try to see how long 5-6k will last you actually supporting yourself. Spoiler: it won't last you a year.
rip pickems 2018-2018
Yeah exact reason why I didn't pick them. Unfortunately I picked Na'Vi which I knew was risky but I had hoped s1mple+electronic would have just steamrolled the opposition.
rip pickems 2018-2018
Yes it will count I need Faze, Misfits, RNG and nV to qualify out of the remaining. I also had Na'Vi but for 3-0 so I don't care what happens with them now.
rip pickems 2018-2018
I think Flash was the most obvious pick for 0-3, Asian CS teams almost always get destroyed at international LANs, plus they are playing with 2 players that they already benched.
rip pickems 2018-2018
We could still be right...
I did understand, the answer would be 2, but none of the teams mentioned lost to F3 at the EU minor so your point makes zero sense. Presumably you are referencing NiP losing to F3 but that was 18 mon...
smooya 1.41 rating
Real Frech superteam?
I would have rpk instead of scream