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Europe wake up
Maybe we shouldnt have spent decades bombing the region they're coming from.
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
Still ignoring number 2 I see. Yeah you would move the aim but not all over the place. You would just slightly adjust it to hit the guy because you knew exactly where your shots would be. If this was ...
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
How can you say it looks the same? Kjaerbye's is far more chaotic and what you're claiming is not a no recoil script its a flawed recoil script as Kjaerbyes bullets obviously do suffer from recoil. If...
Kjaerbye Cheating proof. (Not Bait)
From what Ive heard this is usually just a bad habit that some people tend to have when switching to cs go from other versions. Now Im pretty sure youve mad up your mind and everything I say will just...
Racist School
In the traditional sense yes but in terms of where funding and resources tend to end up, no.
Racist School
Might want to read this:
Racist School
Where exactly are you getting this from?
Racist School
Of course they would, these regulations were in place in order to combat segregation, which was, and still is, a major issue. This is of course unfortunate for that school if its unintended but the ga...
ASTRALIS : Virtus.Pro dispute
Ehm no?
ASTRALIS : Virtus.Pro dispute
Most teams dont take online games as seriously as offline. Of course they want to win them but they also use them for practising strats and trying new things in general. Thats why theres a difference.
Denmark Questions!
I'll try with a fairly serious answer. Its an amazing place to study. As mentioned earlier its the city in Denmark with the youngest average age in Denmark due to the large amount of students at the u...
Dan M haters
What if I told you that you can remain suspicious of certain pros and still think Dan M is a moron who floods his channel with insane amounts of accusations supported with no actual evidence. What he ...
Started gym AMA
Started gym AMA
Proper form on your lifts > more weight on your lifts and will in the long run make you stronger and less prone to injuries.
Is vaping good?
That would indeed be a better way to phrase it yes :)