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Aisha Aisha
go back to cleaning toilets
SK Foxinho
it isnt fnxs fault hes good lucking and fer clapped af, the girl just wanted some fnx d
Thorin cringe
stick to writing polski toilet man
'Reflections' with elemeNt
NiP vs Cloud9
msl is a good leader who cant frag ska is just a awper who cant frag, so skadoodle is a much bigger liability to his team
NiP vs Cloud9
skadoodle in chat : "I wanted to knife :("
skadoodle has been dogshit for 8 months, even when you see his stats are pretty good and his rating high, the amount of times he whiffs is about the same as smithzz, difference being smithzz is aggro ...
Autimatic fishy?
autimatic seems to thrive when playing against good teams, and he has found his stride playing in an actual structured team, not like the teams he played on tsm etc, seems like a great up and coming N...
-skadoodle +shazam
SK fans now
winning 1 map 16-1 and still losing the series, thats getting destroyed also it was the first map, which makes it even worse.
-k1o +karrigan OFFICIAL
no i think its snappi but, gla1ve did igl for heroic at 1 point and he's a pretty good player, much better than karrigan imo, dont know much about his IGL skills, but i think anything will be good for...
-k1o +karrigan OFFICIAL
gla1ve is pretty much confirmed to astralis
is my gf cheating on me ?
why dont you stop being a beta and ask her?
-+18- Im Muslim Kinda off an AMA
lol, can you even read? re-read everything and who I replied to.
-+18- Im Muslim Kinda off an AMA
I didn't know wanting to live a honest and good life is considered a penalty.