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OpTic vs FlipSid3
Renegades vs FLuffy Gangsters
bruh mate you need to stop getting baited. Bet more skins and lose please. Tell me so I can bait you next time. You gave me so much salt for my french cries. LOL!!!!
Renegades vs FLuffy Gangsters
i like feeding off your tears, you pubescent maggot.
+1 there is no country more cuntier than us.
Renegades vs FLuffy Gangsters
how much?
if s1mple and hiko made a team
yeah but simple would just fight with oskar about who can use the awp better or who deserves to use it.
if s1mple and hiko made a team
aren't oskar and s1mple both awpers (simple prefers awping over rifling although he can do both)?
Liquid vs Renegades
I wasn't talking to you was I, you narcissistic vegetable
Liquid vs Renegades
"lose to team what get raped 16:0" Nice englando buddy
Top 10 NA teams
bruh optic hasn't played C9 in a whole month. Literally a whole month. That was when they just picked up mixwell (still settling with the team) and the time before that, Optic were being bitches with ...
Top 10 grills in pro teams
confirmed, would shove my nuts into simple's bumhole
Pfft if i was polish i wouldnt even be on this horse shit thread. wish abbot was back to close these borders from fucking randy indo fucks. 1 aussie dies in Indo every 10 days so we dont need those sh...
Holy shit this thread is fucking stupid. It's called patriotism and every country has some citizens of some sort defending their country's honour. Br, China, swedes, NA, poland, denmark and aus all ha...
Renegades vs TYLOO
you guess? it's fact
Renegades vs TYLOO
First two maps were kinda boring tbh. I dont know about tyloo's cbble but renegades mirage is trash because they dont practice it and they mad choked cache when they got 11 t-side rounds but yeah gg