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Played 1.6 till 2005 on a tier2/3 team in Finland (so not very high level). Got into other things and had a 10 year break from gaming. Now back in cs and trying to beat some of the quick kids with grandpa reaction time. :]

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Name a genre and I name a good song
Muse is not britpop :) Their genre is different flavors from rock (alternative, progressive..)
A main, B main, checkers and T spawn still left :)
America wtf
Meh. I'm an entrepreneur so i'm very right on economical issues, but i'm also educated so I have liberal values. I find it retarded that both sides bundle shit under either left or right, without ...
America wtf
Just to clarify, if you are not racist you are communist? So if you think everybody should be treated equal you believe in a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by ...
Crypto is not an investment its a gamble :) ETF's are pretty solid like: iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF
whats ur daily breakfast routine?
Jazz tobacco?
Who else is gay?
Well played :)
Who else is gay?
Half marathon = mind destroying challenge? o_O
Beat Astralis
This comment didn't age well :)
GoT S8 is a yoke
The series went downhills after it bypassed the books, as now they have to come up with the stories with just guidelines from Martin instead of having it explained in detail over hundreads of pages. :...
ENCE Tier 1?
Ok so pretty much on the same page. Its always nice to hear how everybody classify tiers. But yea I think its hard to say between navi and ence at the moment. In my mind it seems that all of the te...
Astralis 200000IQ
Dont think they are losing on purpose, but would make sense for them to actually let the gas of the pedal a bit as so much people are starting to hate them. More competitive scene is better for all th...
CS 1.6 HeatoN era :)
ENCE Tier 1?
Same question for you too, check below :)
ENCE Tier 1?
What do you consider tier 1 teams, just curiosity not a bait :) Astralis, liquid, navi, mibr?, faze?, ence? any others? I thought this also for a long time that they are in tier 1 but probably the ...