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Played 1.6 till 2005 on a tier2/3 team in Finland (so not very high level). Got into other things and had a 10 year break from gaming. Now back in cs and trying to beat some of the quick kids with grandpa reaction time. :]

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Democrat leadership are trying to stay somewhere in the "common middle" that doesnt exist anymore, so they are not representing the progressive nor the right. If they wanted to compete they should at ...
Covid vaccine - would you take it?
Covid mortality rate is about 10x higher than influenza through out age groups, and for elderly about 100x higher. Of course the data is still coming in and the lockdowns have limited the amount of ...
Covid Vaccine
Well it wont be available this year anyway. It certainly is unfortunate what happened with pandemrix, especially because it was affecting children. But overall vaccines are very safe. The method th...
Covid Vaccine
What do you think could happen to you?
Covid Vaccine
Not everyone can take the vaccine, the idea behind vaccines is exactly that the majority of healthy people will be vaccinated and the herd immunity will protect the ones that cannot take it due to med...
Trump lost his mind
Yea there definately are even worse outcomes for sure. But I guess the average covid is somewhere from "not even a cold" towards "worst influenza you've ever had" and then in rarer cases even beyond....
Trump lost his mind
Yea. I've once had influenza and once pneumonia both when I was early and mid 20's and in very good health, but the latter one even if it didnt put me to hospital, I had 2 weeks of almost 40C fever an...
Trump lost his mind
Are you mistaking flu with common cold? You ever had the flu? I think this confuses a lot of people. When you get a bit sick during winter that is the common cold, when you get influenza (flu) it i...