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300k LMAO
This is what happens when organisation tries to give VP an easy bracket for the final LMAOO
T2/3 final wtf ?!?!?!
Organization fucked everything up when they tried to give VP an easy bracket to the final, they fucked up really bad LMFAOOO
astralis cheater
"do whatever it takes to win" :D. No wonder why he got some sick strats, and why he knows everytime where to go.
astralis cheater
More than obvious those guys are cheating.
astralis cheater
That Gla1ve phone is magic LMFAOOO
astralis cheater
I don't need to bet, i have enough money to live, and to have whatever the fuck i want, stop being a retard. I enjoy the show only.
astralis cheater
Now Gla1ve asks for his phone LMFAO, comeback incoming LMFAOOO
astralis cheater
Shut your fucking mouth u fucking delusional kid, they're hacking, Gla1ve and shitbye, only a fucking debil can't see it.
astralis cheater
He's clearly hacking, did u see that now on pistol round? He aims to one head, and when he shoots the crosshair goes instantly to the other head. LMFAO, so obvious, but so fucking obvious LMFAOOO
-dosia +s1mple
How to ruin Gambit.
8 DROPS SO FAR!! That's one i gave away here on HLTV yesterday.
You're the one talking BS here idiot. Stop lying about the seven accounts LMFAOOOOO.
Bullshit or not, i dont know, i'm getting drops like crazy, and i never got more than 1 in a major, and now i got 5 in just one major, and the major is not over yet.
Last majors i was only getting one drop too. And it was overpass in all majors, since dream hack cluj, this major i bought bundle, i am getting drops like crazy :D.