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Ah gotcha thanks a ton
What happened to g2's match that was supposed to get played around this time?
NEW RANKING 12/12/2016
The recency bias is real.
SK not even #3
Lol, I like Optic and all but I wouldn't say Optic > C9 just yet. IF Optic win ECS finals later on, I would say Optic > C9. Let's not forget that c9 is up 4-1 against Optic in the last 5 times the...
Lmao. I was so scared of that happening but thankfully it didn't happen. That would have been such a turnoff I'd been stuck rubbing one out in the bathroom. Me and DMP we'll call her, only did it one ...
israel critic = antisemitism?
No, we were talking about the current status of Israel.
My ex-Gf back when I was in high school was on her period and she was really turned on. I was the first guy she ever did anything sexual with so she was really nervous and didn't want to outright say ...
israel critic = antisemitism?
Yep. Was just reading about the smears done on Bernie Sander, Howard dean in 2003 I believe, and now Keith Ellison for expressing sympathy for the Palestinians as well as criticism for Israels lack of...
Envy vs
Get fukt idiot.
Envy vs
Ah hem....
Envy vs
Other than 4,000$ lmao
Im going to do this
If you're trolling or just looking for attention, you need just as much help for thinking it's okay to lie about something like this. However if you're not, just think of this. I took my time to ty...
NA Teeth
Yes because unlike EU we actually go to the dentist. You guys just let your teeth go and don't go to the dentist. yo mommas' teeth so yellow she smiled and god said let there be light! 😁&#9...
BetWay Fight Night Fnatic vs Astralis FAIL
Lmao, I think Astralis and fnatic were both really about to just leave and not play the matches mid first game
hen1 Cheater?
1 clip, 1 map or even 1 match doesn't really mean much. I mean I'm certain you could find this for almost every player.