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I love the banter and stupid shit that happens on the HLTV forums. That's what I'm here for..
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keeping a healthy structure of life is key
Current gen of old people didn't get to play videogames. I'll play vijeogames all day every day when I grow old. hopefully,
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best movie you ever watched
EU abuses PL
So refugees are not welcomed by PL because ger and france apparently use helping refugees as leverage for deals with russia? I thought racist generalization was his motive for not allowing refugees ...
EU abuses PL
No, unless poland keeps on implementing anti-democratic legislation. Poland is beautiful and we europeans need you as part of the EU so we maintain a strong political and economical position for deals...
EU abuses PL
flag checks out
EU abuses PL
Of course growth will peak shortly after a tansformation process is completed. https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.MKTP.KD.ZG?end=2017&locations=PL-FR&start=1991&view=chart PL never had GDP...
EU abuses PL
This thread is an answer to the 100000000 threads and comments made by polish people shitting on the EU newfag
EU abuses PL
Our Kanzlerin and Parliament acted out of compassion and thus a well intended reason which I support. The fear of an islamization is the fear of foreignity which doesn't have a place in a globalized w...
EU abuses PL
china is a way bigger country (more resources) with a multiple of inhabitants. it also has other economic benefits like a big coastline with close access to the american and asian market. furthermore...
EU abuses PL
Net financing of Poland from EU: https://imgur.com/a/JCWkAW7? Source: http://ec.europa.eu/budget/graphs/revenue_expediture.html This is a good thing. Anti-EU propaganda by people based on wrong "fac...
EU abuses PL
If polish people wouldn't want to consume EU products they would not be supplied. german trash product "flood" is a result of polish demand
EU abuses PL
Euroreichmarks are spent to finance pis propaganda and smolensk production costs. So.. you're right
San Francisco come here
Tenderloin was worst imo